Amana Washer Lid Lock Bypass: The Complete Guide

Amana Washer lid lock switch helps to prevent injury to the people near the washer. Alternatively, bypassing the lid lock switch, you can run your washer to wash your clothes though the lid switch gets defective. 

If you fail to bypass the lid lock correctly, your washer will not turn on or work properly. So, how do you bypass the lid switch on the Amana Washer correctly?

Fortunately, we compiled this how-to guide on Amana Washer Lid Lock Bypass to help you out. Without further ado, let’s dive deeper into it. 

Amana Washer Lid Lock Bypass

How to Bypass Lid Lock Switch on Amana Washer?

Here is the step-by-step guide on Amana Washer Lid Lock Bypass to bypass the lid lock switch. 

  • First off, unplug the unit from the electric outlet just like you do when repairing any appliances. 
  • Pull out the horizontal panel by snapping the tabs off or removing the screws that hold the panel together. In specific words, grab the back panel firmly and pull it forward to lift the whole piece. 
  • Once you flip up the back panel, you can find many different wiring harnesses. Locate the connector that connects the lid switch. This is the piece that tells your washing machine whether the lid is open or closed. Pull out the connector to disconnect it from the lid switch.
  • To bypass the lid switch, simply connect the two outside terminals of the connector. In this case, take a piece of wire and strip it off the insulation on both ends. And then, bend it to give the wire a U-shape. 
  • Now, take the U-shape wire and push it into both sides of the connector. You can use electric tape to wrap up the wire so that they don’t come off while the washing machine is shaking back & forth. 
  • Now, replace the back panel in its place. And plug the unit into an electric outlet and turn it on to see whether it works or not. 

Amana Washer Lid Lock Replacement

You can’t drain water if the Amana washer lid switch gets defective. Of course, you can bypass the lid lock to let the washer function for a couple of days until the replacement part comes. When the OEM Lid Lock Switch comes, follow the below steps to replace the washer lid lock switch. 

  • Make sure you have these pieces of equipment at your fingertips- a 1/4 inch nut driver, a 1/16 inch nut driver, and a Phillips head screwdriver. 
  • Before heading over to the repairing workflow, ensure you unplug your washing machine from the electric outlet. 
  • Turn your washer around and take some screws out. To get the control console off, you need to remove the four screws from the panel. 
  • First off, use the 1/4-inch nut driver to remove the above two screws of the panel. Then, unscrew the below two screws by using the Phillips head screwdriver. 
  • Now, push the control console forward and just lean it down. Locate the lid switch and remove it by taking off the grounding wire. So, use the 5/16th inch nut driver, and lift the clip right there & pull the wires out. 
  • Next, locate the tab and pinch on the tap. Once you do that, make sure the door is open and you can pull the switch right out. If you fail to open the door, the switch will be locked into place.
  • Grab your new OEM replacement lid switch and put it into its place by pushing it. Then, connect the wire harness or connector into its place. 
  • Again, use the 5/16th inch nut driver to reattach the grounding wire by screwing it down. 
  • Afterward, put the control console back into its place. Finally, replace every screw back into their places. 

Amana Washer Lid Lock Won’t Unlock

Some Amana Washers have a “Fresh Hold” cycle. If you use this option, the door will remain locked until you don’t push the cancel button. If the washer won’t unlock after the end of the cycle, disconnect your washer from the electric outlet. Then, wait for two minutes to let the control reset. 

How To Reset Amana Washer Lid Lock?

To reset the Amana Washer lid lock, tap and hold down the End Cycle or the Signal Cycle button for 20 seconds. Alternatively, turn off the washer and unplug it from the electric outlet. After several minutes, plug the unit again and turn it on. It automatically resets the Amana Washer lid lock.

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Bypassing the lid switch on the Amana Washer is a piece of cake. Just follow the above-mentioned steps to bypass the Amana Washer Lid Lock. We recommend you to not run the washer in this state for a long time. Replace the lid lock switch as soon as possible to avoid potential danger if you live with children.

When the OEM replacement lid lock switch comes, follow the repairing steps we mentioned above to replace the lid lock switch. However, you can hire a professional if you are not mechanically inclined. 

2 thoughts on “Amana Washer Lid Lock Bypass: The Complete Guide”

  1. Purchased Amana top load washer in 2018 problems from the beginning with control panel. Had lid lock replaced twice now it is broken again in 2022. This is the worst appliance I have ever purchased. I should have exchanged it out in the beginning instead of trying to work with it. But my question is I want to keep the lid lock permanently off. But I read that is not good. But at this point I don’t think it matters. Thanks for the page!!

    1. Dear MARY HALL,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with your Amana top load washer. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing issues with the control panel and lid lock since the beginning of your purchase in 2018. It can be frustrating to deal with appliance problems, especially when they continue to occur despite attempts to fix them.

      While I understand your desire to keep the lid lock permanently off, I do have to caution against this. The lid lock serves an important safety function and is designed to prevent injury or damage to the washer. By bypassing the lid lock, you may be putting yourself and your washer at risk.

      That being said, if you decide to keep the lid lock off, I recommend keeping a close eye on the washer while it is in use and taking extra precautions to prevent accidents. It may also be worth reaching out to Amana’s customer service team to see if they can provide any assistance or solutions to the recurring issues you’re experiencing.

      Thank you for your kind words about my blog post. I’m glad that it was helpful to you in some way.

      Best regards,

      Robert Wilson

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