Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill

Washing machines are one of the most important home appliances these days. Washing clothes is a day-to-day task and quite a troublesome one. Not everyone can wash clothes on a daily basis. There comes a good washing machine, but sometimes even a washing machine also fails to work properly.

Amana is a good brand for washing machines. They provide whirlpool level machines at a lower price. So, they are widely bought by people. Then comes a common problem with washing machines which is not going past sensing. So, what to do with your Amana washer stuck on sensing fill?

This is quite a complicated problem. But there are some easy solutions available. You will need to try them one by one and find out which one works for you. You might be able to solve it very easily or you might have some troubles. But hopefully, you will find a solution. 

Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill

Why did your Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill?

Having your washing machine stuck midway through is a real irritation and a matter of concern, especially if you have a lot of clothes to wash. One of these situations is having your Amana washer stuck on sensing fill. There can be a few reasons for this. Here are some of them…

  • Water Inlet Valve failure

This is most of the time the reason behind this problem. After sensing the washing machine will let water in as needed. But for that to happen successfully the water inlets should be fully open and functioning. 

  • Clogged Inlet Screen

The water inlets that lead to your washer have a filter screen to stop any large particles from coming through the lines. Sometimes these screens get clogged, which keeps water from getting in properly. This can be the reason the machine is stuck on sensing fill. 

  • Shift Actuator unable to change position

Shift actuators are used to switch transmission rings between the wash and spin cycles. If this component fails for some reason the machine doesn’t advance to the next cycle. The control board will keep trying to change its position but failing after several trials will give signals for troubleshooting.

  • Faulty Lid Switch

Washing machines these days have switches to prevent the machine from running while the lid is open. Sometimes a faulty lid might not close properly and the machine might think it is open and it can stop from running midway through. 

  • Faulty Water Level Switch

Modern washing machines feature a switch to tell them to stop pouring water when the water reaches a certain level. Sometimes a faulty switch can tell the machine that the water has already reached that level and the machine might not get any water in anymore. This can make the machine stuck at the sensing stage. 

  • Defective main Control Board 

Finally, there is the main control board. If no other reason is present then this can be the ultimate culprit here. A faulty main control board can cause all types of problems. And getting the machine stuck at a certain stage like sensing fill is one of them. 

How to solve the Amana washer stuck on sensing fill problem?

Why your Amana washer can get stuck on sensing fill has been discussed above. Now let’s see how you can try to solve those problems one by one.

Water inlet valve 

  • Use a multimeter to check if the valve is still functioning or not. 
  • Or you can turn the washer on and let it fill up.
  • When the water reaches a certain level; cut the power source off. 
  • If the valve fails to stop pouring water, then they are certainly faulty. Change them.

Inlet screen

  • For the inlet screen present there check for any debris or other particles stuck in it. 
  • Remove them and it might solve the problem. 

Shift actuator

  • To solve this problem, go to diagnostic mode.
  • Search for the specific err code for shift actuator.
  • Match it with the one showing on the screen. 
  • If they match then change the shift actuator.

Lid switch

  • To solve this problem, first, you need to confirm if it is actually not working.
  • To confirm this, use a multimeter to check each of the lid switches.  
  • Check their continuity. If one of them fails the test, they are faulty.
  • Replace them.

Water Level Switch

  • If your machine is top loader then first remove the water level control knob to access the switch. 
  • Remove the pressure hose and wiring harness and remove the switch from the washer. 
  • Attach a multimeter to it for checking the continuity.
  • If it fails then the switch is faulty and you need to replace it.

Control board

  • It doesn’t happen very often that the main control board is damaged. But it can happen.
  • For this check everything else and if everything is fine then the control is problematic.
  • Check for any physical damage on the board or any other signs of damage.
  • If found then change the board with professional help.


How do I reset the sensor on my Amana washing machine?

First, you need to turn the washer off. Then unplug the washer from the power outlet. Now press and hold the START/PAUSE button for 5 seconds. Then plug the machine back in. Your washer Amana washer has been reset. 

How long does sensing fill take on the Amana washer?

Usually, it takes two to three minutes to complete this stage meaning the sensing. Then a little amount of water is poured in to let the load soak in the water. Then the water flow increases again and pours the water up to the desired level. 

How do you clear the codes on an Amana washing machine?

To remove the codes, simply press either the pause or the cancel button twice. Similarly,  press the power button only once. If you see that the codes have not gone yet, all you have to do is to unplug its washer from the power source. If items were diagnosed during the washing cycle, remove them and restart the washer. The codes should now be gone. 

How do you put an Amana washer in diagnostic mode?

First see if any lights are on, of the machine. To turn them off spin the dial 360 degrees counterclockwise and set it to face regular/normal mode. Now turn the dial counterclockwise one click, then clockwise three clicks. Same again. 

The cycle status lights should light up. Go clockwise one click. Now press the start button and the machine is now in diagnostic mode. Turn the dial clockwise one click and the machine will provide you with a readout of its diagnostic code. 

Why won’t my Amana washer go past the wash cycle?

Most of the time it’s because of a defective door. If this is the case the machine won’t go any further until the problem is fixed. It thinks the door is open. The door can become defective either mechanically or electrically. Changing the doorknob can solve the problem. 

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Without a shadow of a doubt, in these modern times, life without a washing machine is unimaginable. And a not working washing machine can become a nightmare. So, you should have an idea about what to do with your Amana washer stuck on sensing fill. This is what has been discussed above.

Your Amana washer can get stuck on a particular stage like sensing for multiple reasons. It can be because of a faulty component that is not even related to sensing like the inlet valve or lid switch. Or it can be the main control board which is the brain of the machine. You have to find out exactly.

How to find out the exact problem has been discussed above. Try them one by one. And see what is the problem that is causing your washer to stop at the sensing stage. Do not get frustrated at first and before calling an expert try these solutions by yourself. It may solve your problem completely. 

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