Briggs And Stratton Intek Problems

What makes a lawnmower machine complete? The first is the engine and the second one is the mower blade or cutter. Today we shall learn about one of the famous lawnmower engines, Briggs And Stratton Intek Problems

Around 55% – 60% of people use Briggs & Stratton’s creations in the entire US. Most of them have no solutions unless we visit a mechanic if any problem arises. 

Furthermore, there is a plethora of reports and reviews from the users or consumers. From the ocean of statements, we are here to enlighten you regarding the problems that Briggs And Stratton Intek assume as the vitals. 

Some Of The Major Notes Regarding The Drawbacks Of Briggs Stratton Intek

The Runner Is Plastic

To begin with, the first plastic runners. Unlike any lawn mower engine, it incorporates plastic runners. It refers to an unfurnished and massive depreciation. 

In the other lawn mower engines, we often experience that the producers are using metal or aluminium to produce the runner along with the other parts of the machine. Moreover, they only use sturdy metals with a meagre depreciation rate. 

Briggs And Stratton Intek Problems

But in the case of Briggs And Stratton, especially the Intek models, producers use plastic materials to reduce overall costs. In addition, there is no option to use a metal runner that users can choose for their lawnmower engines. 

Again, according to the reports, the gaskets are pretty much vulnerable. And, indeed, gaskets are intense parts of the lawnmower engine. Several companies offer better gaskets than Briggs & Stratton serves in their lawnmower engine, especially with the Intek edition. 


In second place is the carburettor. The producer of Briggs & Stratton designed the carburettor as one of the world’s most complex ones. This complicated design requires a highly professional hand to fix when it suffers from mechanical issues. 

Therefore, it requires much cost to fix it when it is down.

On the other hand, all the other producers of lawnmower engines have designed their carburettors as simple mechanical instruments. And, they endeavoured to provide prevalent catalogues so that it becomes easier to fix those when technical issues arise. 

Eventually, these complex designs are less costly than the other complicated carburettors. Furthermore, choosing lawn mower engines from other brands is another vital point. 

Shroud Of Cooling Fan

Another vital problem that only Briggs and Stratton Intek lawn mower engines incorporate is the fan’s screen. The engines of Intek from the Briggs and Stratton brand consist of screens on the cooling fan with enlarged holes or spaces for airflow. 

This set of sizes is an essential reason for promoting dust and lawns inside the engine cooling fan. And, it is barely possible to clean those dirt and other particles without opening the shield. 

It refers to a complex strategy to open up and clean the inner surfaces, fan and instruments.

On the other hand, the rest of the lawnmower engines from unique brands do not offer such complexity. The screen or shield of the fans is built with small holes. And the size of holes only allows the dust to enter. 

Primarily, the lawn or grass particles can’t enter the cooling fan area and create any clog through the holes and open spaces. Most other brands use steel nets with meagre holes to cover the cooling fan.

Most importantly, the shroud or the cover of the cooling fan in Briggs and Stratton Intek engines are made of plastic. It means the shroud or cover is fragile, whereas all the other brands use steel. Steel shrouds are certainly more reliable than plastic ones. 

The depreciation rate of steel is relatively less, like 0.5% – 1% per year, until it hits something stronger than that. 

But the plastic covers are more likely to have scratches all over the surfaces. Plastic refers to a high depreciation rate of the cooling fan cover.

Cooling System

Another prime issue that users are miserably experiencing is the cooling system of the Briggs and Stratton Intek engines. We can observe that the cooling points or passages on Briggs and Stratton engines are relatively narrower compared to any other brands’ engines. 

These can’t allow the engine to cool down efficiently and concisely. Eventually, users require a plethora of time to turn it cool. Furthermore, narrow cooling passages form a clog easily. 

Hence, we need to wash the cooling passages routinely, and this task is nothing but a hassle for those who can hardly get leisure time.

Nonetheless, most of the engines from different brands are not incorporating narrow cooling passages. This turns the engine cool within a shorter time than Briggs and Stratton engines, especially Intek models do. 

Therefore, the rate formation of a clog is lesser than the narrow passages allow. Thus, the requirement to clean the passage is low and undemanding. The engines’ cooling passages also require less time to open and clean. 

So, if you are a person with a busy schedule, you are less likely to choose the Briggs and Stratton Intek engine models.

Moreover, the ideal point to build the cooling passages is right below the cooling fan. Briggs and Stratton’s Intek models are not like that. The passages stay just at the side of the cooling fan. 

Hence, it is dubious that it is as effective as required. But, if we observe the other engines, the passages are just at the bottom of the fan, which forms an effective airflow towards the engine.


Is Briggs and Stratton a good engine?

Answer: Without a doubt, Briggs and Stratton offer a durable machine. It is easier to manoeuvre than any other lawnmower engine. It requires more physical maintenance nonetheless. Hence, if you have 2 hours to spend on the lawn mower engine in a month, Briggs and Stratton is a blindfold choice. Other than that, you may choose any other brands, and those work well.

Why does my Briggs and Stratton engine cut out?

Answer: Your Briggs and Stratton engine may cut out for numerous reasons. Like, 

  • The utilization of the engine when the fuel is low. [Fuel problem solving discussion: John Deere Mower Not Getting Fuel]
  • If you avoid the cleaning cooling fan and passages.
  • Flaws in the carburettor can be an excellent reason to break down.
  • If you use the household engine for the commercial, it may break the engine.
  • Too many working hours can create pressure on the engines.
  • Engine faces pressure when you are using blunt blades. It can break the engine.
  • Oiling or proper greasing is another reason. We must use oils or grease to avoid the driving pressure of the engine.
  • Poor engine oil can also turn the engine down.

However, there can be plenty of technical errors. Just keep in mind that you must choose an engine including warranty because electronic machines are meant to be broken regardless of time.


Every engine has drawbacks and points that make it feeble. Briggs and Stratton are well-known for designing beneficial and durable engines. And the Intek engine models are gaining plenty of positive feedback. 

But, it is our duty to check the information and specifications prior to the purchase. 

If your requirement is a durable machine with effective ramifications, you may go for Briggs and Stratton Intek engines. Nonetheless, if you can’t ensure the maintenance of the engine, you can choose any other mower engine to cut your grass

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