Can You Run A Pressure Washer Without Water?

Using water, a pressure washer is used to clean out the toughest dirt from your backyard, pool yard, floor, etc. Pressured water is sprayed with force on the ground. But can you run a pressure washer without water?

Yes, you can run a pressure washer without water. But you should not. You need to remember that a pressure washer is explicitly made to use water. Without the water running through the pressure pump, it can damage different parts of the device. You can start the pressure washer without water running through it. After a while, the absence of water will begin to damage the machine and make it dysfunctional.

There is a mechanism in the pressure washer where the water running through the pump helps cool down the machine. Only air passing through the device will eventually heat the pump and will destroy the internal mechanism.

If you don’t have an ample supply of water near you, there are several ways you can create a water supply for your pressure washer. This will help to keep your pressure washer intact for a long time.

Can You Run A Pressure Washer Without Water?

The Mechanism Behind The Pressure Washer 

If you go through the mechanism behind the pressure washer, you will understand why it needs water to run. 

A pressure washer comprises a water inlet, a water pump, an energy motor, a gasket, a hose, and some training attachments. In the pressure washer, with the help of a motor, the water from the container goes to the water motor using a hose. The water temperature rises to 70 degrees Celsius in the washer. Then the heated water is pushed out via a nozzle. 

The equipment in the device, the pump, the motor, the nozzle – all help increase the water’s pressure. 

Why Not Use A Pressure Washer Without Water

The pump in the pressure washer is designed in such a way that it will take water from the supply and deliver it through a delivery nozzle. The water flowing through the palm works as a lubricant medium. Also, it helps to cool down the pump.

While the motor runs, the temperature of the motor rises. The running water through the pump helps to cool down the motor. 

In the absence of running water, the motor doesn’t get a chance to cool down. The temperature in the motor rises to a certain point where the motor brakes. The air passing through the blank pump doesn’t help to lower the temperature of the motor. 

After the motor and pump damage, you will find that the other parts of the pressure washer will also break down. This breakdown is the result of the friction created in these parts in the absence of water. 

How To Find If Your Pressure Washer Is Damaged?

After running your pressure washer without water for a long time, it is a must that you have damaged your pressure washer. But sometimes accidents happen. You might have started your pressure washer without connecting it with the water source for a few moments. 

There are two steps to check the damage in your pressure washer.

Step-1: Check if you have done any damage to the washer connected to a water source. Now start the pump. 

If the water is coming out, you haven’t done any damage to your washer. If you are getting the motor sound, but the water is not coming out of the nozzle, you must change the pump. 

Step-2: If you hear the motor making a sound, but no water is coming out of the nozzle, you have damaged the pump. At this point, it is better to get a new pressure washer than to change its parts. This way it will be cheaper. 

Using Pressure Washer In Less Water

A pressure washer uses a substantial amount of water to clean. If you are in a situation where you have less water availability or in a dry place with less water, it is risky to run a pressure washer. 

We have already discussed how running a dry pressure washer can cause damage to your washer. Before you start using your pressure washer, make sure to have a sufficient water supply. Otherwise, in no time, you will end up using all the water to keep your washer dry.

Thus, it is suggested to ensure a sufficient amount of water before starting your pressure washer.

Water Supply For Pressure Washer

A pressure washer comes with a large hose pipe to supply water. This enables it to take water from different mediums. 

  • If you live somewhere near a river, a pond or your house has a pool, you can get a supply of water from there.
  • You can attach a different pump to your pressure washer to collect water from underground.
  • You can connect your pressure washer to a tap connected to your house water supply.
  •  If you are deprived of any of the above facilities, you can use a rain barrel or groundwater tank as a supply of water for your pressure washer.

Preserving Your Pressure Washer 

Pressure water is like any other device. To keep your pressure washer running for a long time, you need to take good care of it. Using it correctly is the best way to preserve it for a long time. 

Here are some critical points you would like to keep in mind while using your pressure washer.

  • Maintaining Water Pressure

Before starting the motor, make sure to flash the inlet pipe. This will help to remove the air inside the tube. The valves will not be damaged with this process, and the water pressure will not drop suddenly. 

  • Lubrication

A pump draws the water into the pressure washer. To avoid overheating due to the friction in pistons, you will need to lubricate the pump regularly. 

  • Detergents

Some people like to use detergent water in a pressure washer. Using harsh detergent can end up ruining your water pump.

  • Using Proper Fuel

There are different types of pressure washers available in the market. Some of them use gasoline, and others use electricity. 

Using the wrong kind of fuel will damage the motor of the pressure washer. Sometimes it will not even get started, and you will have to clean the whole motor and the full chamber. To save yourself from all this work, read the manual that comes with the machine and use the right fuel.

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Final Words

A pressure washer is like any other electronic device you use. You need to take care of it in the way the manual tells you. 

The basic recommendation is not to use it while dry. You must have a water supply to use your pressure washer. Using your pressure washer without water will not only damage the machine but can cause some severe accidents. Excessive heat produced in the motor in lack of water can cause short circuits and firing. 

It is always ideal to ensure you have the proper amount of water available before running your pressure washer. Reading the manual will help you to know how much water a pressure washer uses per minute. This will help you to avoid any kind of unwanted accidents.

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