Dishwasher Drain Pump not Working: An Easy-Breezy Solution

Using a dishwasher machine for washing the dishes saves a lot of time that you can use in any other productive work. Therefore many people use dishwashers instead of using a sink drain in their daily life, making the job easier. 

But, it can be a nightmare when you are facing any drainage issue with your dishwasher and dirty water is stuck in your machine. A drain clog is really a horrible problem. 

Is your dishwasher drain pump not working? Leave worries. In this article, you will find your desired solution. 

What can you do if your drain pump is not working – DIY tips

After dishwashing, it is often seen that draining is not being done properly. In this case, it is not always the case that the drainage pump is damaged. 

Dishwasher Drain Pump not Working

So you can solve your own problem in a homely way by adopting some basic tricks without rushing for direct servicing or dishwasher repair service. This saves you money as well as less hassle. 

Here are three checkpoints I mentioned here that will check and understand where the problem actually is.

Clean the filter section

Filters are used in many dishwashers nowadays. The dishwasher filter unit often has debris or something similar stuck in it. For which there is no drainage. So all you have to do is clean the filter properly.  

  • For cleaning, pull out the dishwasher rack. You will see the filter unit at the bottom of the dishwasher. Take it out. After unscrewing the cylindrical filter unit, it will be separated from the main unit.
  •  After separating, you can clean both filter units well. If there is any debris or clogging, understand that this is why your dishwasher’s drainage system was not working. Be sure to clean the filter in such a way that it does not cause any damage. 
  • Put the Filter unit into its place as it was before.  

Check the pump

Even if there is any clog in the dishwasher pump, its drainage may not work. Therefore, you can easily check the drainage pump in the second stage. Be sure to use hand gloves so that the hand does not get cut due to any sharp object.

To check the pump, please follow these steps:

  • Remove the bottom basket and filter unit.
  • Wipe the water with a sponge. And open the lid of the pump area and check if there is any debris in the pump with the help of a picking stick or teaspoon. 
  • If there is anything unsolicited, take it out। After making sure that your draining pump is all cleaned, just set all the parts into its place again.

Checking the drain hose

The drain hose of the dishwasher must have no twisting. Otherwise, it might interrupt the water flow and even prevent the debris from washing away. 

So go for the drain hose checking for further inspection. 

  • Turn off the power switch of the washing machine.
  •  Put one end of the drain hose in a bucket and carefully discard the stuck water. 
  • Now open the whole hose and check if anything is stuck. If so, clean it.
  • Finally fit the drain hose with the machine in such a way so that there is no kink or twist. Remember that a clogged drain hose can create a mess in your dish wash cycle.

Finally, be sure to check the drain cycle of the dishwashing machine once and check if the pump can drain water easily. 

Do you need to replace the draining pump?

If after all the initial efforts you have not found any issue, in this case, you can check for the drain pump motor.  Often the drainage system doesn’t work due to defects in the pump motor. How to check if the pump motor is OK?

You need a multimeter to check the matter. Check the connection of the pump motor with the multimeter to see if the pump is not running even after getting the connection. 

And if you are sure that the drainage of the dishwasher is not working because your drainage pump is damaged then you can replace the drainage pump.

You need to purchase a new drainage pump separately according to your brand and model type. You can buy a good-quality drain pump from an online or local shop and install it yourself. Or, you can complete the replacement task with the help of a professional. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • What brand would be best for a buying standing dishwasher? 

Answer: Whirlpool dishwasher, bosch dishwasher, GE dishwasher, and frigidaire dishwasher can be the best option if you are looking for a renowned company for dishwasher purchase. Choose any of them according to your preferences.  

  • How much does it cost to replace a pump in a dishwasher?

Answer: The price of a dishwasher drain pump varies according to the brand and quality. Therefore, the replacement cost may be different. However, it usually costs more than 150 USD to replace a fairly good-quality drain pump. You can also replace it within 400 USD.

  • How many ohms should a dishwasher drain pump have?

Answer: On average, a dishwasher drain pump is better if it is 20 to 30 ohms. If the motor of the drain pump is not good, various drainage problems occur.

  • How do I know if my drain pump is broken?

Answer: When the drain pump of your dishwasher is broken, you can hear various noises when you turn on the machine. The drainage system will not be drained as it is a hamper. If any of the above problems occur, check to be sure. The method of checking I have discussed in detail in the article.

  • How do I clear a clogged dishwasher pump?

Answer: Many people hesitate about what they can use to clean the dishwasher pump clog or even the drain tube. A simple remedy I would suggest is to pour equal proportions of vinegar and baking soda into the dishwasher drain basket and cover it with a drain plug. Then pour hot water to clean.

Bottom Line:

By now you must have found the solution to your problem. Then easily solve the drainage issue or drain clog problem without delay. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that the machinery will disconnect the electrical connection during any work or during repairs and will complete the work with other precautions.

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