Frigidaire Dishwasher Start Light Blinking Issues: How to Fix?

The Frigidaire dishwasher start light is blinking, and there is nothing wrong with it. 

Some people believe that the blinking light is a sign that the dishwasher needs repairs, but others believe that it’s just a warning signal and that there isn’t anything wrong with it. 

If you’ve any doubt about whether or not to call a maintenance specialist, try turning off the power to the dishwasher and checking if the blinking light goes away. The dishwasher light is always a cause for concern when it starts blinking. 

This means that the machine is not getting power and may need to be serviced. 

However, if you are experiencing this problem with your Frigidaire dishwasher, there has a solution. Firstly try fixing the issue by professional suggested troubleshooting ideas. Else, you can go for the professional fixings.

Why Frigidaire Dishwasher Start Light Blinking?

If your dishwasher’s start light is blinking, it may be because of a problem with the appliance. Many things can go wrong with a faulty Frigidaire dishwasher, such as a broken water valve(Water Spraying Issues) or clogged drainage system. If you notice any of these issues further, take your dishwasher for repair as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, try one of these solutions to get your dishwasher starting:

  • This can happen if there is enough water in the dishwasher’s tank. Consider at least 2 inches of water in the tank before starting the machine.
  • Make sure the filter screen is clean. If the filter screen is clogged with food, it may prevent water from getting into the pump.
  • Try checking if the door latch is engaged. The door should be latched when you press the start button on the control panel.
  • Check on the fact if the door release handle is pulled out when you open the dishwasher. If it is not, check the door to make sure it is fully closed.
  • Check to see if the dishwasher door is properly closed. If it is not, check to ensure the door latch is engaged and that the door release handle has been pulled out. 
  • If your dishwasher starts blinking the “start” light, it may be because of a problem with the power supply. The start light blinks when the power to the dishwasher is lost, either momentarily or permanently.
  • If you fail to solve the problem yourself, call a technician to check out your dishwasher.
  • Try checking if the filter screen is clogged with food or if it is not properly seated. 
  • Consider checking if the drain pump is working. A faulty and clogged drain pump can cause the dishwasher light to blink.

Troubleshoot Frigidaire Dishwasher Start Light Blinking:

Try Reset Option:

If your dishwasher is blinking the start light, there may be a problem with the machine. 

To reset the dishwasher and try to start it again, first turn off the power to the machine at the wall outlet. Next, remove any dishes from the dishwasher by opening the door and removing them. Finally, press and hold both of the dishwasher’s power buttons for three seconds each. 

Frigidaire Dishwasher Start Light Blinking Issues: How to Fix?

When you release both buttons, wait ten seconds before trying to start the dishwasher. With the reset option, you can clear all the dishes and start again. 

This nifty feature will make your cleaning routine a little easier, so give it a try next time you’re stumped on how to get your machine moving again! 

Clean The Filter:

Cleaning the dishwasher filter regularly will help prevent the build-up of detergent and dirt, which can cause the start light to illuminate. Please remove it from the dishwasher and rinse it with hot water to clean the filter. Be sure to dry it thoroughly before reinstalling it into the dishwasher.

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Clean The Keypad/ touchpad:

If your dishwasher starts blinking the “clean” light, there is a quick and easy solution. All you need is some rubbing alcohol and a keypad. A dirt keypad can cause issues with the dishwasher’s functioning.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Open the dishwasher door and locate the keypad.

2. Insert a cleaning cloth into the dishwasher’s interior wash chamber and position it over the dirty area on the keypad.

3. Pour alcohol onto the cloth and start rubbing in a circular motion.

4. Keep rubbing until all of the dirt is removed.

Fix the drain pump:

If the drain pump fails, it can cause the dishwasher to start blinking or making strange noises. In some cases, this can be a sign that the pump needs to be replaced. When it comes to the dishwasher, a few things can be done to keep it working well. It should be cleaned regularly so that it remains in good working order.

Fix the touchpad: 

If you have a dishwasher with a touchpad, the screen can become unresponsive, and the dishwasher will start blinking. This problem is usually caused by dust or grease accumulating on the touchpad. You’ll need to remove the touchscreen and clean it to fix it.

Once it’s clean, apply some adhesive to the back of the touchscreen and attach it to the dishwasher panel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What to do if your Frigidaire dishwasher won’t start?

Answer: If your dishwasher isn’t starting, you can try a few troubleshooting ideas.

First, check if the power is turned on at the dishwasher. If it’s not, you’ll need to turn it on. 

Next, check to see if the water valve is open – it should be closed when the dishwasher is in operation. 

Finally, make sure that all of the dishes are loaded into the dishwasher and that none of them are blocking any of the discharge slots.

Question: How long do the lights on a Frigidaire dishwasher last?

Answer: When it comes to dishwashers, people usually think about the initial cost of the appliance and how long it will last. 

However, other factors to consider when purchasing a dishwasher, such as its features and how often it will be used. One factor that can affect how long the lights on a dishwasher will last is the frequency with which it is used.

If you typically run your dishwasher twice a week, the lights, on average, will last for around six months.

Wrap Up: 

The dishwasher may start blinking and not draining properly if there is a problem with the start light. Some possible causes of a blinking start light in a dishwasher include: -A burned-out light -A broken light -An electrical issue. You can try to fix the blinking start light yourself by replacing the light or checking for an electrical issue. If none of these mentioned fixing solutions, you may need to call a technician to check over.

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