GE Washer Fills With Water Then Stops-Solution To Your Problems

Is your GE washer fills with water then stops. Now that is a massive problem that needs to be fixed. And it is not moving to the next phase of the agitating cycle. 

It can happen due to a mishap in the circuit breaker or fuse of the outlet by which the washer is connected. The GE washer fills with water then stops because of a faulty sensor. This sensor is located near the bottom of the washer, and it monitors the amount of water in the tub. If there is not very much enough water in the tub, it will turn off and display a “lack of water” error message on your screen.

But if the problem is not with the circuit, it is something else. To know what could be the other cause of the GE washing machine being stopped and its solution stays with us.

Guideline On Why GE Washer Fills With Water Then Stops

Choice of Cycle

Before looking for significant faults in the washing machine, it is good to do some initial investigation. Usually, when problems hit us, we think it is something big. But if we look carefully usually, it might be a simple reason.

GE Washer Fills With Water Then Stops

One of them is the choice of cycle selected for washing. For example, maybe you have selected “Soaking” as the cycle f. Due to that, it will just fill but not progress for the further procedure until the particular cycle ends, from 15 to 30 minutes. Press the cancel or pause button and select a new cycle to stop it.

Lid Switch

If your washer is top-load, then the chances of the problem being caused are the lid switch. Sometimes, due to rush, we might forget to close it. But even after closing the lid, the water fills and stops; then it is a problem.

Before you do any kind of checking, make sure to unplug the washer from its power source to avoid any haphazard from happening, you must immediately check your lid switch or the lid lock.

If it is damaged or somehow has been misplaced from its position, whether the lid is open will not make a difference because the washer will receive the signal the switch is open and will not go with the other process. To solve the problem with the lid switch, wipe it with a clean cloth to clear the obstacle due to which it is misplaced. Or if it is destroyed, get it replaced by a new one without delay.

Take Time

It can happen if your washer is of a new model and you are unaware of some of the features or the time some functions might take. So don’t get frightened; instead, wait a few seconds after the washer fills with the water and stops. Usually, the new GE washer takes 20 to 30 seconds to sense the load and start further processing after the water has stopped filling.

Wrong Push Of Button

It is that sometimes pushing the wrong button can create problems. So if possible, do check a little; maybe you have pushed the stop/pause button of the washer by mistake or the time knob. Hence no more action would happen.


While putting clothes inside the washer, any piece of cloth or anything can get stuck in between the pump, tub, or the housing. Because of that, the agitation cycle is not able to start. 

So if you can see anything immediately, switch off the washer from the power supply and then take out the piece of cloth or whatever is stuck. But if you can’t do it yourself, call for professional help.

Speed Selector

If your washer has the speed selector feature, check on it and ensure that the selector is pointing towards the speed and not in the middle. After that, put the speed selector in the correct speed and see if things work as before.

Correct Temperature

Setting the correct temperature for the water in the washer is essential; otherwise, if it is set below the freezing temperature, the water in the pump will freeze, locking the motors in the way. Now, what is the solution for that? Wait for the pump to defrost, and then start the washer again.

Flashing “Cancel”

If your washer is of new models like from 2015, then if the words” cancel” is seen scrolling in the control panels or the two furthest light is flushing, then think that an error has occurred. Immediately select the drain and spin option and s click the start button; this will help clear the error.

But even after doing this problem is not solved, disconnect the washer for a minute and reconnect it. After that, restart your previous wash cycle settings.

Professional Help

Without professionals some things like a failed motor coupler, clutch, belts, transmission, etc., cannot be fixed in the washer; who knows what more damage will happen. So without any delay, contact the manufacturers or ask for professional help.

You can use these solutions not only for GE washing machine but also for Maytag washer, Whirlpool washer, and the Kenmore washing machine. As these washing machines have similar kind of control board, dryer combo, water inlet valve, washer parts, inlet hose for example.


Why does my GE washer keep shutting off?

The reason behind your GE washer shutting off is the door lock being damaged, and because of that washer might stop in the middle.

 The solution is to check the door’s damage, which can happen either because of mechanical or electrical reasons. After discovering that it is damaged, get it immediately repaired or replaced. This way, the GE washer will not keep shutting off.

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GE Washer Won’t Drain Just Hums

How do I get my GE water to fill up?

There are two ways for this problem. The first one is to add more water. You need to press the deep fill button and add three gallons of water before starting the cycle again. 

Once the washer has stopped filling, you can press the deep fill button again and add three more gallons of water.

And the second way is to press the deep fill button for 3 seconds and let it fill the washer with the maximum water level or water pressure. How you do the water supply is important here.

Is it worth replacing a motor in a washer?

Usually, a newer washers will not break that easily. So repairing it is a better option. But in case the washer is old, replacing it is good as finding old components can be difficult.

A little expensive for the long run is not bad. But if you want to do washing machine repair, you must do it if the washer repair price is half of the price of the new machine. If not, it is better to buy the new one. 


Hoping now you will be able to understand the reason behind why GE washer fill with water then stops. It would be best to be a little careful when dealing with the washer

And apply the ways we have discussed above. And do initial speculation before looking for significant problems. Lastly, follow the ways we have mentioned and read the manual provided with the washer. It will make things easier for you to understand.

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