How To Fix 5d Error Code?

If you own a washing machine, you already know how complicated this piece of machinery is. That’s why it’s normal to face errors at the time of using it. One such error is when the washing machine shows a “5d” error code.

Now, if you, too, face this error code while using your washing machine, the first thought in your mind is going to be “how to fix a 5d error code?”. Well, to tell you in short, you should just decrease the amount of foam from the drum of the washing machine (it’s because the error code arises from excess foam generation).

However, in order to permanently fix and avoid this problem, you need to know why it happens in greater detail. Also, you need to have a solid grip on the ins and outs of how to solve this problem for good.

What Is A 5d Error Code In A Washing Machine?

The first thing I would like to tell you about this error code is that most people misinterpret this code. How is it so? Well, for starters, the code is not a “5d” error code. Rather, it is an error code that shows the following letters:  “sd” (it means “sud” or foam).

How To Fix 5d Error Code

What happens here is that the code is displayed in a digital display of the washing machine. Now, because the displays of the washing machines are not high-definition displays, they can only display the code through a numerical style. As a result, when the code “sd” is showing on the electronic display, people misinterpret it to be “5d”.

But, the thing you have to notice here is that the letter “s” and the letter “5” look fully identical on an electronic display. And, that is the reason why most people misinterpret the “sd” error code shown on the washing machine. 

What Does The “5d” ( “sd” Or “sud”) Error Code Mean?

As you can already see, when your washing machine is showing the code “5d”, it’s actually showing the message “sd”. Now, what it means is that your washing machine is indicating a problem related to “sud”. 

So, whenever your washing machine is showing you a 5d error code, you have to understand that your washing machine has somehow generated an excess amount of foam. Therefore, it should be clear to you that the problem is actually occurring because of excessive foam in the washing machine drum.

Why Does The “5d” Error Occur?

As we said already, the error code 5d is caused by excessive foam generation. And, excessive foams can occur because of many reasons. We have listed down a few major reasons why this can happen:

1. Using The Wrong Washing Powder:

You need to understand that washing machines can only work with Automatic Washing Powders. It’s because Automatic Washing Powders have a chemical component that reduces the foam generation, yet keeps the washing power of the powder at an optimum level. 

As a result, when you use an automatic washing powder in a washing machine, it does not create an extra amount of foam. On the other hand, If you use any other washing powders such as handwashing soap or powder, normal washing powders, etc, it will create a huge amount of foam in the washing machine.

As a result, you’ll get the error message “5d” or “sd”.

2. Poor Quality Automatic Washing Powder:

Now, I would like to tell you that the error can still happen even if you use Automatic Washing Powders in the washing machine. How is it so? Well, if you use poor-quality Automatic Washing Powder, the washing powder will not be able to keep the foam generated to a minimum level.

As a result, the washing machine will overflow with excessive foam. That’s when you’ll get a 5d or Sd error message.

3. Applying Excessive Amount Of Automatic Washing Powders:

Even if you use good quality automatic washing powders, the problem of Sd or 5d error can still happen. You might be thinking, “what would be the reason for that?”.

Well, if you apply too much washing powder into the washing machine, it will eventually create extra foam and overflow the capacity of the washing machine. Therefore, the washing machine will detect the overuse of washing powders. And, as a result, it will show the 5d or sd error code.

4. Physical Damage: Problematic Drain Line

All models of washing machines have an automatic draining mechanism. So, it can easily get rid of the excessive foam problem on its own. 

But, if your washing machine has a problematic drain pump or drain line, it might not be able to reduce the extra foam on its own.

As a result of that, when a huge amount of foam is generated in the washing machine drum, the foam sensor of the washing machine detects the excess foam. Thus, it can show the 5d or Sd error code.

How To Fix 5d Error Code [5 Quick Solutions]?

Although the 5d error code problem can be a very troublesome error, there are some ways to avoid or fix this problem. For your convenience, we have listed down all the solutions to this problem in the below subsection:

1. Cleaning Out The Detergent Residues:

Sometimes, after successive usage of the washing machine, detergents get solidified and accumulated in the washing machine. So, if you want to get rid of the 5d or Sd error code problem, at first, you will need to quickly get rid of the detergent residues.

In order to do that, you have to run multiple wash cycles in the washing machine with hot water in it (and without any clothes in it). And, do not add any detergent while running the washing cycles.

Now, as you run the washing machine without any clothes, the hot water will reach every corner of the washing machine’s drum. As a result, any existing detergent powder residue will get cleaned up on its own. Thus, you will get rid of the Sd or 5d code in an instance.

2. Repairing The Drainage Hose:

If your drainage hose line is somehow blocked or damaged, it can cause the washing machine to be unable to clear out the foams from its drum. So, when you face the sd or 5d error code, one of the first things you should do is clean out the drainage hose with white vinegar or baking soda and hot water (if it is blocked).

On the other hand, if your drainage hose is damaged or bent (not blocked), you should take steps to immediately change the drainage hose.

3. Repairing The Drainage Pump:

In case your drainage hose is not blocked or damaged, the problem might be the drainage pump itself. Sometimes, the drainage pump becomes inoperative and fails to exhaust the extra foam from the washing machine.

So, go ahead and check your drainage pump and ensure if it’s working correctly. If you see that the pump is not working properly, you should immediately take steps to repair the drainage pump or replace it. In my opinion, the best way to go about this problem is to call in the professionals.

4. Repairing The Foam Level Sensor:

Although it’s very rare, sometimes the problem arises from the foam level sensor as well. How is it so? Well, sometimes it just so occurs that every component of the washing machine is working fine but the foam level sensor is damaged.

As a result of that, it shows the error code even when there’s no excess amount of foam in the washing machine. 

Therefore, if this is the case for you as well, you should contact the customer care service of your washing machine brand and ask them to replace the foam level sensor as soon as possible.

5. Replacing The Control Board:

Lastly, it is also possible that the error code is occurring because of a problematic control board. Yes, since the washing machine is an electronic device, it is very much possible that its control board is damaged or burnt.

In that case, If you want to fix the 5d error code, you’ll have to call in the professionals and tell them to replace the main control board of your washing machine. But, do not worry, replacing the PCB board (the main control board) of the washing machine will not cost you a huge fortune.

Depending on the current market, we are estimating that you might have to spend around $150 to $200 to get the mainboard replaced. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of detergent should I use to avoid the 5d error code?

The best option is to use automatic detergent powders that are labeled with the “HE” sign. The “HE” sign stands for “high efficient” washing powders. The specialty of this type of powder is that it offers excellent washing action but it doesn’t create a huge amount of foam.

2. Is my washing machine permanently damaged if I get the 5d error code?

No, probably, it is not the case. Rather, you might have to change the drainage pump or drainage hose of your washing machine if you get the 5d error code. Or, you might have to change the foam sensor as well. 

However, there’s no reason to think that your washing machine is permanently damaged if you get the 5d code.

3. Can I still use my washing machine after it shows the 5d error code?

No, in most cases, you won’t be able to use the washing machine to continue doing your laundry after it’s shown the 5d error code. Rather, you’ll have to take immediate action to solve this problem (if you want to keep using your washing machine in the future).

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The final word to say in this discussion is that the 5d error code shown by your washing machine is occurring because of excessive foam. Therefore, if you can rectify the problem of excessive foam generation, you will most likely not face the 5d error code anymore.

So, keep in mind that the only way to solve the 5d error code problem is to prevent extra foam from being created. 

Now, as you have read this article and got acquainted with the ins and outs of this problem, you should be able to easily tackle this problem. Therefore, we bid you the best of luck.

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