Kenmore Ice Maker Not Working: Try Out These 7 Troubleshooting Steps To Fix

Kenmore Ice Maker will start malfunctioning over time like other electric appliances. Dispensing water slowly, making too much ice, and ice having a bad taste are some problems you will face if you have an ice maker. Among them, ‘Kenmore ice maker not working is a common ice maker issue everyone encounters frequently. 

A clogged waterline, defective water filter, and misaligned water supply line are some culprits that prevent your ice maker from working properly. 

To detect and solve those ice maker issues, we compiled this Kenmore Ice Maker troubleshooting guide. So, read between the lines to fix the ice maker problems and let your Kenmore function. 

Kenmore Ice Maker Not Working

Why Is My Kenmore Ice Maker Not Working?

From this chapter, you will learn why your Kenmore Ice Maker doesn’t function properly and how you can troubleshoot those. 

01. Water Line Gets Clogged

A clogged water line is the main culprit that stops your Kenmore Ice Maker from producing ice. Hard water deposits and other impurities can easily block the water lines. Consequently, your Kenmore Ice Maker starts malfunctioning. 


First off, inspect the water lines in the back of your refrigerator to see whether they get clogged or frosted. Flush the waterline with a solution of water & vinegar to release the blockage. You can also use a hairdryer to defrost the waterline that is choked with frozen water. 

02. Infrequent use of the dispenser

If you don’t use the ice dispenser frequently, it will cause the cubes to stick together over time. Consequently, your ice maker fails to dispense the cubes properly. 


Inspect the ice bin to see whether the cubes stick together or not. If yes, you must break down the ice cubes to let your ice maker function properly.   Otherwise, it will be better to reach out to the support team if the problem persists. 

03. The dispenser display is locked

If the ice maker dispenser doesn’t make ice or function properly, check the dispenser display for a lock. In the solution part, we will show you how to unlock the control panel & dispenser. 


Press and hold down the lock button for three seconds. It will unlock the control panel and dispenser.

04. Ice Bin Is Empty

Isn’t your Kenmore Ice Maker working or dispensing ice? Then, don’t forget to check the Ice Bin. If it is empty, your ice maker will take at least 24 hours to refill the Bin again. It takes up to 24 hours for each compartment to reach the desired temperature and for the ice maker to start making ice. 


You need nothing to do in this case. Just wait for 24 hours to let each compartment reach its desired temperature. If the ice supply in the bin gets exhausted completely, it will take up to 90 minutes before additional ice is available and at least 24 hours to refill the ice bin. 

05. Ice Maker Is Not Turned On

How could an Ice Maker start working or making ice if you don’t turn on it yet? Just like other appliances, your ice maker will not function if it remains in a shutdown position. 


First off, find the on/off button of your Kenmore Ice Maker. Then, turn it to the On position. 

06. Ice Maker Is Not Making Enough Ice

The Kenmore Ice Maker is not making sufficient ice is a common problem every owner encounters. The following culprits are responsible for this issue. 

  • Exceed ice storage capacity
  • The House water supply is not attached, the valve isn’t turned on fully, or it gets clogged.
  • Defective water filter
  • Low water supply pressure
  • It may use the Reverse Osmosis Filtration System
  • The tubing that connects the refrigerator to the house supply valve gets kinked
  • You may keep the doors open for a long period or don’t close the door completely
  • The temperature setting for the freezer is too warm. 


Follow the below troubleshooting steps to solve those problems and allow your ice maker to make sufficient ice. 

  • The icemaker can produce 70-182 cubes in 24 hours.
  • Ensure you attach the refrigerator to a cold water supply with sufficient pressure and turn on the water shut-off valve. You should reach out to the support team for help if the issue still persists. 
  • Replace the defective water filter with a new one.
  • The water pressure should be between 30-125 PSI. If you place the refrigerator in a low-pressure area, install a booster pump to compensate for the low pressure.
  • Call a plumber to deal with the Reverse Osmosis Filtration System.
  • Straighten and realign the water supply line. 

07. Dispensing Water Slowly

Your Ice Maker will dispense water slowly if the pressure of the water supply pressure is inadequate. The pressure should be between 30-182 PSI To let your Kenmore distribute enough water. Besides, a faulty water filter is also responsible for the slow water dispense rate. 


First off, make sure the water pressure is between 30-182 PSI. If you don’t get that amount of pressure, install a pressure booster pump to gain adequate water pressure. Secondly, change the defective water filter to improve the water dispensing rate. 

Other Problems of Your Kenmore Ice Maker

Apart from the above issues, you may also go through the following Ice Maker problems with your Kenmore. 

Ice Has Bad Taste or Odor

The ice your Ice Maker produces may taste bad or smell if you install it recently. To get a good taste of ice, discard the first few batches of ice to avoid discolored ice. On top of this, minerals in the water supply may also produce smelly ice. To fix this issue, we recommend you install a water filter to eliminate the odor problems. Lastly, make sure you keep the ice bin neat & clean. 

Dispensing Warm Water

You may just install your refrigerator, or you don’t use the dispenser for several hours. Leave the refrigerator for 24 hours to let the water storage tank cool if you installed the ice maker a few hours ago. Besides, the refrigerator will dispense warm water if it’s connected to the hot water supply. So, make sure you attach your ice maker to the cold water supply line. 

Ice Maker is making too much ice

If the ice shutoff arm or the feeler arm of your Ice Maker gets clogged, it will produce extra ice. To solve this issue, empty the ice bin first. Then, make sure the feeler arm moves freely. Reinstall the bin and wait for at least 24 hours to verify proper operation. 


How do I reset my Kenmore ice maker?

First off, locate the on/off switch of your Kenmore Ice Maker by removing the front plate. Then, turn off the machine by moving the On switch to the Off position. Next, unplug the unit from the electric outlet and wait for 5 minutes. And then, plug the unit again into an outlet and turn on your Ice Maker again, which will reset every setting. 

Why would an ice maker suddenly stop working?

A frozen water line or defective water filter will cause your ice maker to stop working suddenly. So, defrost the water line by heating it with a hairdryer. On the other hand, replace the water filter if it gets faulty. 

Where is the reset button on the ice maker?

The reset button on your ice maker is located at the bottom of the unit. Just remove the tray, and you can find a red button. And the red button is the reset button of your ice maker. 

How do I force my ice maker to cycle?

Follow the below steps to force your ice maker to cycle.

  • Pull out the ice bin by opening the freezer door.
  • Empty the ice bin by removing the ice cubes.
  • Now, replace the ice bin in its place by sliding it. 
  • Activate the ice maker toggle switch by turning it to the On position.
  • Use a flat-blade screwdriver to pop off the front cover of your ice maker.
  • Start rotating the gear until you hear a click. 
  • Now, push the rectangular wire arm into the downward position. The sensor arm will warn the ice maker when the bin is filled with ice and shut off the ice production.

Is there a reset button on the Kenmore refrigerator?

Yes, there is a reset button on your Kenmore refrigerator. You can find it at the bottom of the unit. When you remove the front cover, you can see the reset button. 

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Kenmore Ice Maker is not working if the water line gets frosted or the water filter gets defective.  Therefore, infrequent use of the dispenser or you don’t set the on/off button to the On position is responsible for a malfunction ice maker. 

To let your Ice Maker function properly, follow the troubleshooting steps we mentioned above. We hope you can solve any issues your Kenmore Ice Maker will go through. 

If any of the troubleshooting steps fail to fix the ice maker issue, call the support team for help. 

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