LG Dishwasher Error Code 1e

LG dishwashers are one of the most reliable companies in the market. Most purchasers seem to be satisfied with their purchases. However, there are also LG dishwashers that have errors.

LG dishwashers are known for their durability, which is especially true for error code 1e. It is a common problem that happens once but can be challenging to understand. 

When this kind of issue appears, it is not that easy to fix. However, you don’t even need to panic as well. If you’re experiencing an error code on your LG dishwasher, there’s a good chance it’s code 1e. This code ultimately indicates a problem with the water pump or Hoses. If you think you might have this issue, here are some tips on fixing it.

What does LG dishwasher error code 1e mean?

LG dishwashers are certainly owning the top in the dishwasher market. when one of these machines starts giving you an error code, it can be frustrating. Error code 1e is one that a lot of LG dishwashers give users. 

LG dishwashers error code 1e usually stands for a problem with the water pump, and an audible warning beep typically accompanies it. This warning sound can happen for various reasons. 

LG Dishwasher Error Code 1e


The dishwasher error code 1e is a warning that usually indicates something is blocking the dishwasher spray arm. This can be anything from a piece of food stuck in the spray arm to something lodged in the dishwasher drain opening. If the obstruction isn’t cleared quickly, it can cause flooding and damage to your dishwasher. 

Water Valve issue:

The dishwasher error code 1e may indicate a problem with the water valve. If this is the case, LG will replace the valve. If the dishwasher is leaking, that can cause a host of other problems.

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One of them is the water valve. A leaky water valve can cause leaks in your dishwasher’s hoses, which can create a constant drip of water. 

Filter issue:

Other causes of this code include blocked filters or dirty dishes. If you’re experiencing this error and have cleaned all of your filters and checked that your dishes are clean, then it’s likely that something else is causing the issue. 


Overloading Your Dishwasher When it comes to dishwashers, overloading is the most common problem. Overloading your dishwasher can cause it to leak into the basement, vibrate and drain more quickly.

Faulty control board: 

Dishwasher error code 1e is caused by a faulty sensor or control board. In some cases, a dishwasher error also means that the pump belt needs replacing. If your problem is due to a defective controller, you will need to replace the entire control board.

LG dishwasher error code: How To Fix It?

LG dishwashers are known for their reliable performance, but they can also experience common error codes. 

LG Dishwasher Error Code 1e

If you’re having trouble with your LG dishwasher, there are a few things to check first. First, make sure that the water is flowing smoothly and steadily into the dishwasher’s drain. Then, if the dishwasher is making unusual noises or isn’t washing dishes as quickly as it used to, check to see if any of the filters are blocked. And finally, if you notice any strange odors coming from inside the dishwasher, there may be an issue with the dishwasher drain hose or pump

Once you know the issue behind this warning beep, troubleshoot your LG dishwasher error code cl or e1.

If you’re experiencing an error code on your LG dishwasher, follow these easy and common steps to fix it:

1. Check the water temperature. If the water in your dishwasher temperature is too low, the dishwasher may not be able to clean your dishes properly. Make sure the water temperature is between 110 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Clear any built-up food particles from the dishwasher’s interior surfaces with a soft cloth or brush.

3. Check that the dishwasher’s door latch is fully closed.

4. Check that the filter is clean and dry. This ensures that the dishwasher can properly remove food particles from the water. 


If you’re an LG dishwasher at home, here are some tips to help you fix error code 1e.

  • If you notice any food or greasiness on the dishwasher’s interior walls. Get a vacuum cleaner and start cleaning thoroughly.
  • Sometimes using the wrong detergent can cause a blockage and the error code 1e. However, LG recommends not using any detergents at all.
  • Make sure that all of the dishwasher’s drainage hoses are properly connected. Thirdly, try clearing the dishwasher’s water filter.
  • If none of these solutions work, Contact LG customer service or a technician for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why is my LG dishwasher not draining properly?

If your LG dishwasher is not draining properly, you may need to take it in for service. There may be an issue with the manufacturing pump. In some cases, the dishwasher drain pipe may be blocked. If this is the case, you will need to unblock the pipe using a plunger.

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How do I Reset my LG dishwasher?

If your LG dishwasher is not cleaning dishes as well as it used to, there may be a simple solution. Try to rest the dishwasher by unplugging it and plugging it back in. If that doesn’t work, you can call LG support and have them reset your dishwasher for you.

Wrap Up: 

Most people know the dishwasher error code 1e when their washing machine makes strange noises or refuses to operate. Many people don’t know that this code is actually a warning sign that there may be a problem with the dishwasher’s water pump. If you notice this error code, it’s essential to take action and investigate the issue. If you follow these, you may be able to fix the problem and keep your dishwasher running smoothly. 

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