Maytag Error Codes F03 E01 (Reasons & Solutions)

A washer can display an error code for any internal problems, and you can easily identify it. But what happens if it shows two error messages like Maytag error codes F03 F01? It will be typical for you if you have never seen this before. 

Well, your Maytag washer displays those two alert messages (F03 and F01) if the control board or the wiring attached to it gets damaged. Besides, a faulty pressure sensor and a clogged air hose can also be responsible for this washer issue. These error codes indicate your washing machine can’t detect the water level. 

Throughout this article, we will break down the reasons behind these two error messages. So, stay with us till the end to learn how to clear these alert messages.

Maytag Error Codes F03 E01: Reasons To Pop Up & How To Clear

The error codes F03 and E01 mean your Maytag washer fails to detect the water level. These error codes will pop up due to a defective control unit or the wiring associated with it. Therefore, faulty pressure sensors or a blocked air pipe can also be the culprit behind popping up those error messages on the display. 

Maytag Error Codes F03 E01

Now, we will break down each of the reasons that encourage your washer to pop up the error codes F03 and E01. Therefore, we also let you know how to clear those error messages.

01. Control Board Gets Defective

You can consider the control board of the washer as a human brain. If it doesn’t work properly, you can’t operate the washing machine. Indeed, it’s the main culprit that causes your washer to display those two error codes. The design of a washer control board is complicated and it’s typical to determine what causes it to fail. However, damaged wiring or broken components of it could damage the control board. 


Replacing the electronic control board will be an easy fix to eliminate the error codes. Follow the below step-by-step instructions to change the control board. 

  • First off, move the washer away from the wall. Then, unplug the washing machine from the wall outlet.
  • Pull the control knob out of the front of the console panel. Next, pull the washer forward to access the back panel of the console. Remove the screws from the top of the back panel of the console.
  • Push back on the control panel while sliding a putty knife under the right corner of the control panel to release the mounting clip. Do the same thing on the left side to release the console.
  • Set the console on the top of the washer.
  • Release any locking tabs on the wire harness connector plugs and pull each of them out of the connections on the back of the control board. Now, detach the air hose from the back of the control board. The other end of the air hose attaches to the bottom of the washer tub. This hose enables the washer to detect water levels.
  • Remove the mounting screws from the control board, release the locking tabs, and pull out the electronic control board from the console.
  • Now, position the new control board in place and snap it into the locking tabs. Then, insert the mounting screws into the housing of the control board and tighten them up.
  • Reconnect the air hose down to the back of the control panel. Next, connect all the wire connectors with the control board.
  • Finally, put everything back into its place and complete the assembly.

02. Problem With The Wiring

The wiring that runs from the user interface to the control board can also be responsible for popping up the error codes. If the wiring gets loose or damaged, your control board will not receive any electric signals. Consequently, you can’t turn on the Maytag Bravos XL washer or the display shows those error messages (F03 & F01). 


Use a multimeter to inspect the wiring. Turns out, visually check the wire connections for damage. If you find the wiring gets twisted or damaged, you need to repair the wiring. We recommend you hire a certified electrician to do this task for you. 

03. Faulty Pressure Sensor

A defective pressure sensor can also cause the Maytag washer to work erratically. You can find this sensor on the right side of the top rear of the case. It’s round and has a nozzle & thin hose connected with it. 

You need a voltmeter to inspect it. Connect the black probe with the PS8 board connector, Pin 8, and Pin 4. If it shows no reading or very low voltage, you should replace it. 

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Replace the pressure sensor if there is no voltage. It costs you only $20-$30 bucks to change it. However, don’t forget to check the pressure sensor harness. If it isn’t firmly attached to the pressure sensor, tighten up the connection. 

04. Clogged Air Hose or Pipe

The air trap hose or pipe can easily get blocked by dirt, debris, and dust. When this air hose gets clogged, it fails to detect the water level of the drum and sends a wrong signal to your control board. And this wrong signal causes your washer to trigger the error codes on the display. 

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Releasing the blockage from the air hose will be an easy fix for this issue. Just use a plumbing cleaning tool called ‘snake’ to unclog the air hose by removing dirt & debris. Alternatively, you can use a long & slim scrubbing brush to remove the blockage from the air trap pipe. 

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Your Maytag washer will trigger those two error codes- F03 and F01 if the washer fails to identify the water level. And we mentioned a faulty control board, loose wiring, and a clogged air hose are the culprits behind this issue. 

Fortunately, we also broke down how to solve those issues. So, we recommend you follow every step we mentioned to clear the error messages. 

If you aren’t mechanically inclined, it would be better to hire a mechanic or plumber to do this task for you. 

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