Maytag Washer Lid Lock Bypass: Tricks & Tips You Should Know!

Your Maytag washer lid lock is an incredible feature to secure the door while operating the machine. The LId lick is built with high quality and ensures safety as well. It will keep the machine from operating till the door is open.

However, it is prevalent to malfunction such switches. If such an interruption happens, your machine door and machine both will stop working. Then, you need to bypass the lock. 

Bypassing the lid lock of your washer is a pretty tricky task. And such an electrical job will require some electrical skills and safety procedures. Maytag washer lid locks are pretty impossible. But some tricks can work on a few versions of Maytag washers. Each washer includes different functionality.

When to bypass the lid lock of the Maytag washer?

Maytag washer is a famous washing machine brand. Still, the machine can malfunction in the middle of operating. Such things happen if there is an issue in the mechanism of the washer. 

If your washing seems to be impossible to unlock and the clothes are stuck, you might have to bypass the lid lock.

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However, this is an absolutely prohibited task for an unprofessional. 

How is the Maytag washer lid lock?

Maytag washer is a well-known brand, especially for its lid lock system. The lid lock works super fine for a long time. If your washer gets broken, it can’t be rest easily. This LID lock system is designed so efficiently that it will keep the machine entirely closed until it is done with washing. 

This method is undoubtedly safe and user-friendly. This can be dangerous, especially if you’re a kid in the house. But somehow, if your washer catches any damages, it will get the clothes stuck inside it. In such cases, you might have to bypass the lid lock of the washer.

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However, the Maytag washer lid lock is considered one of the toughest lid locks to bypass. That is because of their strong automatic system. 

Maytag manufacturers want it to be the safest. That’s why you might see an error code while bypassing the washer lid lock. Maytag automatic intelligence will work through signals. If the machine detects any malfunction, it will decrease the speed automatically. 

Is it impossible to bypass the Maytag washer lid lock?

Maytag washers have different designs regarding the series. All these series have strong LId locks but with different designs. All these lid locks are efficiently built and unable to be interrupted while operating. 

But there are some tricks you can check on. All these tricks will function on particular lock systems. You can’t expect one method to work overall. 

You better know about the machine program before trying out any methods. However, bypassing is possible but not often recommended. Even Maytag itself is aware of the danger of bypassing. That’s why the manufacturers have made the system super tough and mentioned warnings.

Maytag washer lid lock bypass Tricks & Techniques:

Maytag washer lid lock bypass requires you to follow a few simple steps. But the first thing to follow is safety. If you’re inexperienced with electric tools, it’s suggested to ask for professional hands.

Maytag Washer Lid Lock Bypass


  • Start with turning off the washer. Unplug the machine and disable the electric connection.
  • Grab a screwdriver to loosen the screws and tabs of the machine panel. You need to let the horizontal panel downward. 
  • Press the button inward and unscrew the panel. Lift the panel thoroughly.
  • Now, you’ll find the lid lock underside the panel of the machine.
  • Place the lid down and press the washer button. 

This method is mostly tried out over the Maytag washer. Try these steps out, and your Maytag washer lid lock will be bypassed by then. 

However, there is another series of Maytag washers that works with a magnetic switch. You need to use a magnet in such machines and place it over the lid lock. This will provide stimulation, and bypassing will be done.

Things you must know:

  • Bypassing the washer is not recommended by the manufacturers. This kind of technical act can cause serious injuries. Suppose you’ve put your hand inside the machine while operating and got it covered with some cloth. Such unfortunate things can cut your rib off. 
  • If bypassing your washer causes some additional issues, your machine warranty might not be accepted. If you attempt such functions, that will be only up to your own risk. 
  • You should not change the washer command/ settings after you’ve started the machine already. Such interruption during the washing will make the lid lock stuck. 
  • After bypassing, you need to maintain extra awareness. Please mention the incident if you’re handing over the machine to another person after bypassing. Else, this can cause major hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How will I know if my Maytag washer lid is locked?

Answer: Most Maytag washers are built with smart and automatic technology. The lock icon will constantly keep showing the progress of the task. If the lid is locked, your machine will show an error, and you won’t be able to unlock the washer door.

Question: How much time does it take to rest my Maytag washer?

Answer: If your Maytag washer malfunctions, the very first thing to try is restarting. It is swift and instant. If you’ve Maytag smart series, it will take only 10 to 12 minutes. You’ve to keep the machine cut from the electricity connection for 10 minutes. And for resetting, it can only take 20 seconds. 

Final Words

Maytag is one of the most reputed washer brands worldwide. It has a good equation regarding user-friendly design and smart, responsive performance. But Maytag washer lid lock bypass is the most challenging thing one can try. Even some of the series of Maytag lid locks are beyond bypassing. However, there are some safety measures you need to follow. If you try these bypassing methods properly, they can work as well. Before you step into doing any of these electric functions, know about the machine and its mechanism thoroughly.

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  1. I have 2 maytag washers. Both are broke down more than they work. Have not realized good value out of either machine. Will never purchase again. 2 weeks to get a repair man to check the problem. 4 teenage kids in the family. Totally unacceptable

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