Portable Dishwasher Faucet Adapter Doesn’t Fit?

A portable dishwasher faucet is of great use. You can call it your alternative to a built-in kitchen faucet. A person who stays inside the kitchen knows how important a faucet is to wash utensils or anything else. Moreover, If it can be movable, it adds extra gear to work.

A portable dishwasher is attached with a sink through a faucet adaptor. When the house has no option to build a built-in faucet, you need to opt for a portable dishwasher faucet. But the problem arises when the portable dishwasher faucet adapter doesn’t fit. What will you do then?

That’s our topic to discuss today. Gradually, we will educate you to clear the load of your worries.

Portable Dishwasher Faucet Adapter Doesn’t Fit?

Portable Dishwasher

A portable dishwasher is built in a short-spaced kitchen where the built-in kitchen faucet can’t be set up. This portable one is handy. To specify, unlike built-ins, you can retire it at any time. 

The dishwasher can be fit without connecting to the main water line. You can easily set it with the faucet. On average, the models are 18 inches wide and 24 inches in size. 

Last, you can also hook the portable dishwasher with the source water line. For that, you need an attachment. The dishwasher will function alike your built-in faucet.

Need an adapter for a portable dishwasher?

If you want to hook up the portable dishwasher to the sink, you need a faucet adapter. 

The dishwashers can be included with some hook-ups. Because the dishwasher may not fit with the faucet due to the differences in faucet thread. And the portable dishwashers often have several adapters to facilitate the fitting.

The adapter can vary from model to model. Generally, it shows threaded/threaded, unthreaded/unthreaded, or threaded/unthreaded features. Usually, the kitchen faucet holds a threaded feature. In other words, the outside will be threaded. So it will be fitted with a threaded faucet adapter inside.

The portable dishwasher has been developed to a level. Now some faucet adapters regulate the water pressure. 

Check out before a move

You may get fed up that your portable dishwasher is not getting fit with the faucet. Here is a secret to let you know. Did you check the faucet aerator? If not? Please consider removing the aerator. 

The faucet aerator bars the dishwasher to go in and fit. In the end, you will release sweat on a silly task.

Ok, you have removed the aerator. But, still, it doesn’t work? Be a researcher and find out the fault. If you fail, the faucet shape is unique or you got a faulty faucet. Now you may rush. But before that, look below to know how you can do research.

Did you see the faucet thread size?

It is important to know the thread size. Otherwise, you can’t match the same size of your faucet adapter.

Usually, male faucets are 15/16″-27, and female faucets are 55/64″-27 in size. 

To know the exact size of your sink’s thread size, you need to remove the faucet aerator. Next, measure the diameter of the aerator. Now check the aerator whether it is male or female. It will help you to understand the standard faucet size.

We should check the faucet adapter size packaged with a portable dishwasher. In our kitchen sink, mostly 15/16′-27 is male and 55/64″-27 is female. Unluckily, if the faucet and the adapter are alike, consider changing the adapter.

You should know one basic principle that a male faucet gets attached to a female adapter. And female faucet gets hooked up with a male adapter.

Thread basic

From the previous discussion, we can picture that, based on thread type, the faucet is of two types. One is male, and the other is female. The one which has a thread on the outside is called a male faucet adapter or faucet. And the one which has thread inside is called a female faucet.

Now, the problem is the size of the adapter or faucet. If your faucet has a standard size, you need to check its thread type. Because the male faucet fits with the female faucet adapter. And the female faucet fits with the male faucet adapter. 

So you got the basics. Now you have to match the opposite size. Generally, the adapter price range starts from 5$ and ends at 10$.

Take a deep to your portable dishwasher

As we have understood that what type of faucet adapter we needed. Even if you don’t get the perfect one, you need to do something else. What? You need to check your portable dishwasher. 

On the manufacturer’s website, you will find lots of handy news regarding your portable dishwasher. They will suggest you the exact size of a portable dishwasher. However, you will find several options for the faucet adapters. Or there will be a helpline to which you can directly talk to the representative. They may help you talk to you. 

There is another option for you. You can reach your surrounding hardware shop. There, you can physically talk to the plumbers or any experts. Don’t forget to keep your faucet adapter with you. Otherwise, they can’t suggest the right one.

For all the methods, you need to be specific. Meaning, you need to clarify everything. After the hassle is done, you can buy it from anywhere. These are not expensive, and we have mentioned the price above.

Leave it, make a new one

Well, you have tried all the possible applications. Nothing can please you. Meaning, they didn’t fit. Don’t worry. There is still one boat to go. 

Leave the adapter that doesn’t fit. You can make a new adapter that will be according to your faucet size. it will guarantee you an accurate size. And surprisingly, you need not change your faucet. 

The custom faucet adapter is made precisely for the specific faucet. So when you have no options to go with a readymade faucet adapter, you will have to take the cost. Because the Faucet adapter is less expensive than your faucet. 

Why do you need to choose a portable dishwasher?

A portable dishwasher is really useful. Because this lets you do work in a confined space. And-

  • The first usefulness of a portable dishwasher is you can use it instead of a built-in dishwasher. Meaning, a small kitchen also has the space to use a dishwasher.
  • Movability makes it more efficient. Because you can’t move your built-in dishwasher. But with a long hose pipe, you can move it in any direction. You can even take it to a small distance from the sink

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In the modern house, a sink is a blessing. Why? Because it lets you perform almost half of your kitchen work. But it becomes a problem when you can’t set a built-in dishwasher. Then you have to rush for a portable dishwasher. There is also a problem. What? The adapter doesn’t match with the faucet.

If there is a problem, there is a way. That’s why the portable dishwasher comes with several adapters. But whether they can be fit or not, that’s a matter of question. But we believe having read the above article, you can assume what you need to do.

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