Pressure Washer Pump Oil Milky (Reasons & Solutions)

The pressure washer is quite a valuable item. There are more than 25 ways to use a pressure washer at home. 

For example, you can use your pressure washer to clean the exterior walls of your house, clean the driveway and garage floor, etc. However, you will have to witness a milky-looking oil in your pressure washer at times. This problem arises because water might leak through the oil seals. And the milky color forms when water gets mixed with oil forming a cloudy solution. 

Other reasons might cause this problem to arise. Let’s get to know about the reasons in depth. 

Pressure Washer Pump Oil Milky: Reasons and Solutions

Witnessing a milky-looking oil is quite a frequent problem. If you use a pressure washer for a long time, at least once or twice, you will experience this issue. Here are some possible solutions for this issue: 

Damaged Oil Seals

In every pressure washer, you will find pumps present that are filled with lubrication oil. And the purpose of this oil is to reduce wear and tear. It also increases the performance of the machine’s part to the maximum level. 

However, you have to maintain the pump. If you don’t maintain the pump properly with time, the oil gets stuck or sealed. As a result, the oil doesn’t leak out of the pump. 

Pressure Washer Pump Oil Milky (Reasons & Solutions)

That’s not all. Due to the damaged or worn out seals, oil can get mixed with water forming a milky solution. 

Excess Humidity

Many people aren’t aware that excessive humidity present in the air can cause water to condense in the pump’s oil casing. 

When the water condenses, it creates milky-looking oil. You can face such situations if you haven’t used your pressure washer in a long time. 

As it is an engine, when used regularly, the water can’t get condensed due to the heat produced by the engine while using. 

Below are some of the possible solutions to these issues.

Disassembly of the Pump

Before replacing any parts, you have to take off the pump. To take off the pump at first, you must remove the casting. 

Use a wrench to loosen up the screws and bolts found on the exterior. Your next task is to remove the pump case along with the valve. However, while removing the valve, you have to be extra careful. Otherwise, you might break it. 

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Remove The Damaged Seals

We are now aware that seals can get damaged if you don’t maintain them properly. And you have to remove the damaged seal as soon as possible. While replacing the damaged one with a new one, you have to notice certain things. 

For instance, you have to check the model number. First, remove the screws and the brass rings to remove the damaged seals. Lastly, examine every seal from the brass ring. 

Add Fresh Oil

After replacing the damaged seals, you have to add fresh oil to the pump. While adding the oil to the pump, make sure that the pump is upright. And add oil to the correct level. Don’t add too much or too little. Don’t forget to clean the milky solution earlier. 

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