Samsung Dishwasher Auto and Heavy Blinking: How To Fix?

A perfect dishwasher can save both your time and energy for daily life. You might find hundreds of brands offering thousands of facilities regarding new technology, affordable budget, and efficient service with their dishwashers. Among all, Samsung has always been one of the best dishwashers. 

However, their dishwasher sometimes seems not to work and is disturbing. One Of the most common complaints among all is. “Samsung dishwasher auto and heavy blinking”. This is not indeed a good sign. Blinking lights indicate there is something wrong with the machine. 

Well, this sign can indicate minor issues as well. There are some quick fixes that you can try at home to stop those heavy blinking. 

What does auto and heavy blinking mean on your Samsung dishwasher?

Most people don’t know what auto and heavy blinking mean on their Samsung dishwasher. Auto blinking means that the dishwasher is cleaning the dishes as it goes. Heavy blinking means something is wrong with the dishwasher and it needs to be serviced.

The reason for this could also be that the washing machine has reached its end of life. A fault may cause the problem in the motor or control board. Even too much water in the dishwasher can interrupt its functioning. Too much or too less water both cause draining issues with your dishwasher. These can easily cause such heavy blinking as well. 

Samsung Dishwasher Auto and Heavy Blinking

The heavy and auto blinking can also indicate that the machine is out of warranty, so make sure that you contact Samsung customer service before doing anything else. Also, if the sensor system fails, you can experience such signs. 

If you see either of those indicators, it’s time to take your dishwasher in for service. Suppose Any of those signs can interrupt the regular functioning of your dishwasher. If you would like to find out more about how to repair your washing machine, please visit our Repair Guide section.

How to fix Samsung dishwasher auto and heavy blinking?

Clean the dishwasher: 

Clean the dishwasher pump. The pump can get clogged with food debris, soap scum, or another build-up, which can lead to excessive noise and flooding. Use a soft brush designed for dishwashers to clean off the pump’s motor and impeller.

Here’s how you can do this:

  • Remove the dishwasher hose from the bottom of the machine.
  • Check for clogs by putting a small object like a toothbrush up through the drain hole and seeing if it goes down quickly or if any larger pieces obstruct the flow.
  • If there are clogs, unclog them with a pipe cleaner. You can also use a small brush to do the same thing, but be careful not to damage the drain or hose connections.

Troubleshoot the stuck button:

You can fix the Samsung dishwasher by troubleshooting the stuck button. If the button gets old, it’s really common to create such blinking issues. You can set it at home easily.

Follow the steps:

  • Start by finding the stuck button
  • Check all other knobs and other buttons besides the stuck button
  • Try fixing the stuck button by wiggling them. 
  • Try to place them in the right position. However, don’t place too much pressure.

Fix water supply valve:

Dishwasher water supply valves can appear for a lot of reasons. If there is a constant leakage of drainage issues, you must check on the supply valve. 

Follow these steps:

  • Remove the cover of the water valve, then turn it to the right side
  • Pull out the hose from the back of the dishwasher, then connect the hose to a faucet or sink
  • Turn on the tap; the water will flow into the dishwasher.

Check the power cord:

A loose or frayed power cord can lead to a malfunction. Check your appliance’s cord and replace it if needed. Here you need to ensure the cords are placed in the right way. If you notice the power cord is worn out, you might need to replace it immediately.

Make the water pressure is proper: 

Check the water level in the dishwasher; if it’s low, add more water using the faucet or reservoir. If the problem persists, check the water temperature. Dishwashers are built to work best at a certain water temperature. If the temperature is too high or too low, adjust accordingly.

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How to reset the Samsung dishwasher?

If your Samsung dishwasher is not washing dishes as it should, you can do a few things to get it working correctly again. 

One of the simplest methods is to reset the dishwasher. This will reset all of the settings and hopefully give the dishwasher the fresh start to clean dishes properly. 

To reset the Samsung dishwasher, turn it off. Then unplug the dishwasher from the electrical outlet. Wait 30 seconds, and then plug it back in.  

Your appliance will begin its normal cleaning cycle, but you can always start over if things don’t work out as desired.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How do I Stop my dishwasher from beeping?

Answer: If your dishwasher beeps, it might not be due to a broken component but could mean that the water level is too low. To prevent this issue from occurring in the future, you can add water before starting your dishwasher. If the problem persists after adding water, there may be a fault with the machine, and you will need to take it in for repair or replacement.

Question: Why does my Samsung dishwasher keep filling up with water?

Answer: If your Samsung dishwasher is continually filling up with water, there may be a problem with the drainage system. If this is the case, you should call a professional to inspect and fix the issue. If you are using a dishwasher that has been installed correctly and you have not had any problems with the dishwasher in the past, it is possible to use a dishwasher-safe cleaning product. 

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Wrap Up:

Samsung’s top-loading washing machines are known for their impressive auto features, but some owners report that the machines have been flashing abnormally. Some have even said that their washing machines are swinging violently from side to side. Samsung is investigating the issue and has yet to release a statement on what may be causing the problem. For Fixing Samsung dishwasher auto and heavy blinking fixing solutions mentioned over here.

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