Samsung Washer Quick Test Mode Drain Pump Test

Samsung washing machines have a unique feature called “Quick Test,” which is designed to be used by the consumer when they have an issue with their washing machine and need to determine if it needs repair or not.

The Samsung Washing Machine Quick Test Mode Drain Pump Test is designed to help users determine whether their washing machines are functioning correctly. This feature can also say how much water is being used during each cycle of operation. You can use this information to ensure that you are getting the most out of your washing machine.

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Why should I check my Samsung washer’s drain pump?

The Samsung Washing Machine Test Mode Drain Pump is a simple and easy way to check the condition of your washing machine’s drain pump. 

It can be used with any washing machine brand, including front-loading models. The unit consists of the control box and the plug-in module. 

The control box of your washer contains all the electronic components that allow the unit to function. The plug-in module connects to the drainpipe of the washing machine and provides power to the control box.

What does the Samsung Washing Machine Quick Drain Test do?

The Samsung Washing Machine Quickset Test is designed to help you determine whether your washing machine is functioning correctly. It will show you how much water is going into the washing machine. 

Samsung Washer Quick Test Mode Drain Pump Test

Also, it will help to determine how much water is coming out of the washing machine after each cycle of operation. It will also tell you how much time is required to complete each operation process. 

Using this information, you can make sure that you are using the maximum amount of water and energy while still maintaining good cleaning results.

How does the test work?

The drain pump is controlled by an electronic switch on the front panel of your washing machine. 

If you can find the manual for your particular washer model, there should be directions on how to access this control. It may require removing some screws to get at it. Once you do so, check to see if the switch is set to “on.” If not, then turn it to “off.”

If still, it doesn’t work, try turning off the power to the washer. Wait for about five minutes, and then turn it back on. If the problem persists, then contact a service technician who will need to open up the machine to diagnose the issue.

The Samsung washer has two different types of quick tests:

Quick Test 1 – Quick wash cycle

This type of quick test starts with the machine filling the tub with hot water. Then the machine will start the fast wash cycle. During the quick wash cycle, the washer will run through several washing cycles. When the washer finishes the fast wash cycle, it will shut itself off automatically. Now, you can either let the machine continue to operate normally or press the Start button to begin another quick test.

Quick Test 2 – Quick dry cycle

This type of fast test begins with the machine filling the drum with warm water. The washer will start the quick-dry cycle. During the quick-dry process, the top loading washer spins the clothes inside the drum to remove excess moisture. Once the quick-dry cycle ends, the user can continue operating the washer normally or press the Start Button to begin another quick test cycle.

How to know if the Drain pump is working well?

Your washer has a drain pump that pumps water out of the tub. The drain pump is meant to turn off automatically after a certain period. This is called a timed cycle. 

You can change the timer settings yourself through the controls on the front of the washer. Also, it will help you to know whether or not the drain pump is working correctly, and you would need to remove the cover plate of the bottom side of your washer. 

There are two small holes in the center of the cover plate. One hole is for the drain hose, and one hole is for air venting. 

Remove both hoses and look inside the washer. If the drain hose is full of water, the drain pump is probably working fine. 

If the drain hose isn’t full of water, then either the drain hose is clogged with debris, or the drain pump itself is malfunctioning.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How to fix a washing machine that won’t drain?

Answer: There are many reasons why your washing machine may not be draining. Some of the most common include: The water level is too low, or the tub isn’t full enough, there is an obstruction in the drain line, drain hose has been disconnected from the washer, the drain valve is stuck open, etc.

Question: Will the Samsung front load washer drain the Debris filter on its own?

Answer: The Samsung top loader with a very large capacity (up to 18 cubic feet) can be used as a front loading or top loading machine. The unit comes equipped with an automatic wash cycle that allows you to select from several different options such as standard, delicate, extra-gentle, or eco. 

Wrap up:

Your Samsung washer is probably one of the essential appliances in your home. It keeps your clothes clean and fresh and helps you save time by taking care of laundry chores. Unfortunately, some washing machines can develop problems over time. One common problem is a leaking washing machine. With a Samsung washer, you’re getting an incredible quick test mode drain pump test feature. 

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