Sun Joe Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

Sun Joe, as a brand, is popularly known for making affordable yet effective and powerful outdoor tools. Maintaining your home, garden, yard, and similar places becomes way easier with its well-crafted tools, and you do not even have to pay a ton. The brand that started with manufacturing a snow thrower is now manufacturing tons of different tools at such a minimal rate staying true to the brand’s belief that high-quality power equipment doesn’t need to be expensive or out of reach from regular people. One such really good offering by this brand is its pressure washer. Here, we will talk about this high-quality yet affordable product and, most notably, sun joe pressure washer troubleshooting. So before we jump onto the troubleshooting, let’s talk about the product itself a bit.

Sun Joe Pressure Washer

Sun Joe pressure washer is a corded electric pressure washer to tackle all the cleaning tasks around your home, building, garden, yard, driveways, patios, lawn, conveyance like RVs, cars, trucks, and boats, decks, other cleaning tools, and more.

It features a powerful 14.5-Amp/1800-watt motor that cleans the targeted dirty section with a max cleaning power of 2030 PSI and 1.76 GPM water flow. The sharp, powerful water flow cleans a surface in minimal time and with less effort.

Sun Joe Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

The water flow itself is powerful enough to clean a dirty surface, but it also features two separate tanks to carry different detergents and cleaning agents for different cleaning surfaces.

For a diverse water flow, depending on what surface you are cleaning and the cleaning chore is light, medium, or heavy, the pressure washer comes with five different nozzles. These are quick-connect spray tips that are connected to the hose.

The nozzle’s water spray starts from 0-degrees to 40-degrees and also comes with one nozzle named soap with a comparatively bigger hole to splatter water to clean more extensive areas. Sun Joe pressure washer basically makes cleaning a surface easy, fun, and quick. 


Cleaning houses, gardens, lawns, garages are not a once-in-a-while thing. Neither will you buy a pressure washer every year, even if it is affordable. So, maintaining effectiveness and longevity matters. And when you use a product so frequently in cleaning so much stuff that too for hours regularly, it’s bound to have problems with it. Moreover, after long-term use of the tool, the different holes, nozzles, outlets get clogged, so the issue with the whole device occurs. As there are so many parts in one pressure washer, finding the actual problem becomes time-consuming, but if you know the specific reasons causing specific problems, you can immediately solve the issue yourself.

Sun Joe Pressure Washer Starts And Immediately Stops

The Valve On The Pressure Washer – The problem could be the valve that connects the outlet hose to the pressure washer.Perhaps, you missed emptying the pressure washer properly. And it still has water and cleaning solution in it. Therefore, causing a blockage halting the entire pressure washer. Even a minimal quantity of water right there stayed put on for days can cause the sudden pull up of the pressure washer. So, what you need to do is remove the outlet hose from the pressure washer’s valve and clean that section, getting rid of every drop of dirty water there. Then, try starting the pressure washer, and in most cases, it will spring start as the reason for the issue is unblocked now.

Check The Trigger – This pressure washer features a total stop system, which means if the trigger is not squeezed or engaged, it will not spray water. So, if the machine starts for a few seconds and immediately stops, perhaps the trigger mechanism has issues. Either the trigger is not working rightly, or its components inside needs a replacement. Find out which one is causing the problem and take the measures accordingly.

It’s Defo The Spray Gun – The leaking in the spray gun can also cause the machine to start and stop at once. In case of both the trigger and spray gun issue, it’s always better to contact professionals as the intricate components inside it require expert skills to replace or repair.

Sun Joe Pressure Washer Not Spraying Water

When the pressure washer runs with full power, but there is no water coming out off the tip, then the issue could be in different components of the washer. So, one needs to check every section one by one and cut it down from the checklist.

If It’s The Valve – We have already talked about it right above. When the valve is clogged, the machine will not spray water. So, first, check the valve, and if you see water coming out of it or feel the water pressure, then remove the water. Now, connect the outlet hose and see whether the issue is solved or not. If the water pressure is regular, then the problem is solved. If it’s not or the washer is not spraying water at all, then check the very next component, which is the spray gun.

If It’s The Spray Gun – Now, to check the spray gun, remove the wand and hose from their respective outlets. Fill some water into the outlet where the outlet hose connects the spray gun. Then, press the trigger. If the water comes out of its vent, then the issue is not with the spray gun. Now, if it’s clogged, as you notice it’s not releasing water even after you have squeezed the trigger, that means it requires unclogging. Use something blunt but pointy to clean the vents. And thoroughly clean the inside of the spray gun until you see it spraying water normally.

If It’s The Hose Wand – If it’s not the spray gun, it has to be the hose wand then. Attach the wand with the spray gun and squeeze the trigger. If it sprays water, it’s clean and ready to use. If it’s not, then just like the spray gun, it requires a thorough cleaning. You may need a long, thin cleaning brush to clean the inside of the hose wand thoroughly. You can rinse it with vinegar to remove the rust if there is any.

If It’s The Nozzle – In most cases, when the pressure washer is not spraying water, it’s always the nozzle, mostly because the steel components in it are not stainless steel. Rather, regular steel, which is not rustproof. So, as the entire work of a pressure washer is related to water and moisture, the steel gets rust and gets clogged, blocking the water spray. The easiest way to clean the rust from these nozzle tips is by immersing them in regular white vinegar for a couple of days. The vinegar will help clean the rust and unclog the holes. You might need to scrub it a bit with a soft cotton bud. Just run it around the nozzle and rinse it thoroughly with plain water removing the vinegar and rust. And the rusty nozzle will be ready to use once again.

Sun Joe Pressure Washer’s Water Pressure Fluctuates

If the water pressure is not consistent and fluctuating, causing a nuisance even before starting a cleaning chore, check the valves and the hose connections.

Loose Connections – In most cases, you might have missed attaching the many components of the water pressure correctly. For a smooth, consistent water pressure, the connections need to be fully airtight. So, remove the hose from the outlets and attach them once more. It will likely solve the issue with the fluctuating water pressure. If the pump seal has worn out, even then, the airtight state, which is mandatory, faces a restraint, so make sure to check whether the seal requires a replacement or not.

Dirty Valve – Other than that, the reason could be a dirty valve or outlet hose as well. So, make sure the outlets, inlets, hose, every component is clean and unclogged to enjoy a consistent, razor-sharp spray of water from the pressure washer.

Sun Joe Pressure Washer Pulsates

Inlet Hose – The moment you switch on your pressure washer, it pulsates. It’s finicky to work with a shaky machine. So, the next thing you need to do is solve the issue. And cause for such problems is always the lack of airtightness. Air in the inlet hose will cause the pressure washer to pulsate uncontrollably. So, make all the connections tight; no air means no pounding of the machine. Then, hold the trigger and wait for the machine to work normally, and that is how you solve the pressure washer pulsating issue.

The Hose Wand – A slight bend in the wand can also cause the pulsation of the pressure washer. Straighten it or just replace it if it’s a kinked wand.

Blocked Nozzle And Water Filter – You must also check the nozzle as well as the water filter. Blockage of both, even partial blockage, can cause the pulsation of the machine. If blocked, then just clean and solve the problem in no time.

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The above are the most common reasons for a troublesome Sun Joe Pressure Washer. And the solutions to the problems are simple too. If your machine is still not working after checking all the possible causes and trying all the troubleshooting, then a better option compared to struggling by striving furthermore is to contact the experts and maintain the longevity of this valuable pressure washer.

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