The Whirlpool Duet Washer Won’t Start

Whirlpool duets are helping hand in every household to wash off all the dirty weekend clothes. If the whirlpool duet washer won’t start, it may be due to several problems, but it can be fixable.  

Yes, you can fix the problem by quick troubleshooting. Also, power issues, washer door latched, a control Lock button on, Washer settings/Codes, or might be a defective part, etc., are the leading causes of the washing machine’s not working

Therefore, we are here to guide you with the solutions and how to avoid this problem in the future. Keep reading to know more.

Whirlpool Duet Washer Won’t Start. 

Many causes may occur this problem, but if you find the reason, it can be fixed effortlessly. Although it’ll be great if you find the problem, it doesn’t require a professional to handle minor issues. 

The Whirlpool Duet Washer Won't Start

We have gathered our experts’ advice on this technical issue. Also, we suggest that you check what can be the cause of the problem and then try to resolve it.  

Quick Troubleshoot

If the washer isn’t working, you should unplug it for 30 seconds to reset the washer, run a quick diagnostic test on the duet washer and check if the washer is getting efficient power to start the process. 

Washer Not Getting Power

If your whirlpool duet washer isn’t attached to a fine and steady electrical power line, it’ll cause the starting problem. 

You must try to follow these steps to check the issue.

The washer is unplugged from the power point. While cleaning the washing area needs to move the machines, it might happen that the plug got out from the point and leads to starting issue. 

Due to a power surge or faulty component, the circuit breaker may trip and might be why your washer isn’t working.

You should check the home circuit breakers box and turn off and turn it on again accordingly. 

Moreover, You shouldn’t use an extension cord for heavy machinery devices that need higher voltage, and a washer is one of them. It would be best to avoid these extension cords as they might cause incidents. 

If none of the solutions isn’t working, you must reset the machine washer cycle’s power, enabling it to start again. Also, you may unplug the washing machine or turn it off and restart it after one minute. 

Control Lock Is On

The whirlpool washer won’t start when the washer is locked, and it might happen due to the control lock feature. This feature is designed to prevent accidental starts. 

Although, the washer indicates it displayed on the control panel the LC or LoC as in “lock” if the control lock mode is on. 

You might deactivate the Control lock feature by pressing down one key or combining keys according to the user manual or guide. It may help you determine the deactivation process following your washing machine model. 

Also, if the LC or LoC disappears from the display, it’s deactivated. 

The Washer Door Latched

You must firmly close the whirlpool door to start the washer. However, you shouldn’t slam or harshly shut the door, or it would cause a problem. It’ll be best to close the door firmly to ensure that the latch is seized. 

Additionally, if you find any loose clothing that trapped the door area, it’ll cause the door to latch incorrectly. And it prevents the washer from starting the load, and you must check whether the latch is engaged or not before starting the machine. 

However, the washer still didn’t start because of the damaged latch. The washer is designed to provide the best facility, so to prevent leaks, the washer won’t begin until the latch doesn’t click when engaged, and if it’s broken, the latch can’t send the signal to the washer to start the cycle. 

The damaged latch shows no continuity with multimeter testing. If that is the case, then it should be replaced by professionals. 

Check Washer Settings and Codes

Before starting the washer, you must check the display panel or select the correct settings according to the wash load. 

For instance: the delay starts setting is different preselected later time. The machine will begin after the selected time if you choose the 3-hour delay setting according to the washing load. 

You must first disable the delay start settings. Firstly, please turn off the washer, press the power button, and turn it on using the same method. 

Also, if the display panel indicates an error code, the washer won’t start until the code error is cleared. The manual guide will help you determine the definition of those codes, and it’ll be easy to resolve the issue. 

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There are some of the error codes. However, you can check the manual guide if other codes appear on your display:

If the washer door is open or accidentally you have changed the settings in mid-cycle, then “Err” appears on your display panel. Before beginning the cycle, always check the door is closed, and you may change a setting after the cycle pause.  

Additionally, if you haven’t opened the door for three consecutive wash cycles, the “Dr” code appears in the display panel. It’ll probably stop the washer, and you need to open the door and close it again to restart a cycle. 

Alternatively, if you haven’t selected any cycle, then “-:–” this code will appear on a display panel. You must choose the process before starting the washer. 

Defective Whirlpool Washer Parts

If you have checked all the above suggestions, nothing worked or matched your problem. Then it concludes that your washer has a defective part preventing the washer from starting. 

In addition, to fix this issue, you require professional help because it might require changing the part or repairing the internal cord. 


Mostly the timer has control over the voltage, and it sends the voltage according to the various washer functions. Check it with a multimeter tester for continuity. If it shows no continuity, then it needs replacement. 


The display panel might be defective. That’s why your whirlpool machine start button isn’t working appropriately. To detect display panel problems, check the buttons. The display panel should be changed if some work and the rest aren’t. 

Fuse Line

If the fuse line blows up due to overheating or overloading, the washer might cause the fuse line to be assessed for wiring or an electrical issue. The washer won’t start until the fuse line is fixed. 

Bottom line

Whirlpool duet machines work wonders and provide a marvel service to their clients, but if you have a big load of clothes, avoid overloading it and dividing it into two batches. 

Furthermore, the whirlpool duet washer won’t start because of mentioned issues that you might detect and resolve to prevent you from starting your washer, and it’ll be best to leave it to the professional hands. You may also call if you are under warranty. 

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