The Whirlpool washer is not spinning fast enough

The whirlpool washer is a special type of home appliance that is used for cleaning dirty laundry. It efficiently uses water and detergent to clean your clothes. Then it starts spinning fast so that the clothes can dry faster.

These spins are produced by the washer’s internal components such as the rotor, drive belt, and so on. However, there are some reasons which can be the cause of the Whirlpool washer not spinning fast enough.

Damage to the inner components is the main culprit for this slow spinning. These components may be damaged by clothing debris or dirt, or they may not receive adequate electrical power. If you don’t attach the lid properly or clean the drive belt in a while, it can also decrease the speed.

Why is my washing machine not spinning fast enough?

Your washing machine may not spin fast enough for any of the below reasons.

When the washing machine is overloaded

When you fill your washing machine with a lot of clothes, it gets overloaded. That might be the reason why it is not spinning at the proper speed. Most washing machines don’t have automatic detectors to determine whether they are filled. It can only understand the situation when you fill it with water and cloth. This can be a reason for low speed.

Imbalance load

The washing machine has some areas or ways to put in thick clothes or shoes. If you don’t put them in those ways, they will start falling apart when they are spinning. As a result, the propeller will not whirl properly, affecting the speed.

The setting of the washing machine isn’t set properly

When you set your washing machine on an uneven surface, it can affect its speed. The spinning of the washing machine requires proper balance. It will start making noises and vibrations. The Whirlpool washing machines are made to rock and move while agitating on a sturdy surface. That’s why they won’t spin properly for safety purposes when they are not set perfectly.

The Whirlpool washer is not spinning fast enough

When the lid is not attached adequately

The washing machine’s lid is structured in a way that it won’t run appropriately when not closed properly. It is a safety feature of the washing machine. This can be another reason for low speed. 

It is determined by the LID switch whether it is closed accurately or not. Most of the new models don’t allow any spin when the washing lid isn’t closed. However, the old models can’t recognize this situation. As a result, you can not get fast-spinning from it.

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If the drainage pipe gets clogged

The drainage system may stop the debris or dirt on the clothes. This dirt can clog the pipe and stop draining. In the worst situation, the pipe can get kinked. That’s why the washing machine won’t start spinning.

When the motor is damaged

The motor can be filled with dirt if you haven’t cleaned the washing machine in a while. The inner components can also be filled with rust, which can damage the motor.  A damaged motor will not spin properly. It can also be rusty if you don’t oil it once a month.

Damaged drive belts 

When the drive belt is damaged, it starts making an inappropriate noise. The belt can get clogged with debris. In this case, it won’t spin at the proper speed. But if the belt is completely damaged, it won’t spin at all.

How to solve the problem of the Whirlpool washer not spinning fast enough?

To solve Whirlpool washer problems, you must determine which component is causing the issue. The checking and solving process is described below. 

Repairing the lid switch if it is broken 

The whirlpool washer may not spin properly if the lid switch is broken. So you need to replace it. To do it,

  • First, turn off your whirlpool washer. 
  • Then look for the lid switch.
  • It is usually located on the back side of the washer.
  • When you get it, remove it.
  • Hold a multimeter in your hands.
  • Use it to check the switch to see if it is working or not.

If the switch doesn’t show any electric power in the meter, it means it is broken. In that case, you have to replace it.

Repairing the drive belt

The drive belt is another reason your whirlpool washer isn’t spinning fast enough. So you need to check it first. To do it,

  • Turn off the power to the whirlpool washer. 
  • Look for the drive belt. 
  • Most of the time, it is located under the top or side panel of the whirlpool washer.
  • Inspect it. 

If you find it filled with debris, clean it. Detach it and then wash it perfectly with detergent and water. However, if the belt is damaged, replace it. In that case, buy a new belt and contact a professional.

Checking the drive pulley

Low spin at the drive pulley inside the drive belt can also be a reason for a low spin. To check it, 

  • Click on the power switch to turn off the power. 
  • Detach the drive belt. 
  • You will see the drive pulley inside; disconnect it. 
  • Do a proper inspection to check if the pulley is good or not. 

If the pulley is dirty, clean it. However, if it’s damaged, change it with the help of a professional. Then attach it again to the whirlpool washer.

Changing the rotor if it is damaged

The magnet inside the rotor can get damaged. That’s why you may not get the proper speed from the spin. To check it,

  • Completely detach the whirlpool washer. 
  • Look for the rotor.
  • If you get it, use a screwdriver to detach the magnets from it. 
  • Check the magnets to see if they are damaged or not. 
  • Then check whether the inner components of the rotor are damaged or not. 

If you get any damage, replace it asap with the help of a professional.

Repairing the driver’s motor

It is the main compartment that gives spinning to the whirlpool washer. If somehow it gets damaged, you will not get any spin from the washer. To check it,

  • Detach the whirlpool washer completely. 
  • Look for the motor inside. 
  • With the help of a multimeter, check the power source to see if it is getting enough electric power or not. 
  • Then use a battery to check whether the motor is spinning or creating any sound or not. 

If you don’t get the power stats perfectly or you hear any unpleasant sounds from the motor, contact a professional and change it.


The Whirlpool washer is famous for its power, water efficiency, and fast-drying system. However, if you do not get proper speed from the spin, it’s because of the internal components of the washer. Whirlpool washer can get stuck on wash cycle or clogged when you don’t care, clean, or use them properly. That’s why the Whirlpool washer is not spinning fast enough.

The spin can be decreased as well if you don’t set the washer properly or overload it. But if you’re using it appropriately and still the problem is occurring, then it’s the low power issue or damage to components. Sometimes debris or dirt that the Whirlpool washer isn’t drained properly can cause these problems. 

Check its components immediately for low speed. Detach it and check the power sources with the help of a multimeter. Clean the drive belts or drainage pipes if they are filled with dirt. Finally, if you get any damaged parts, replace them with the help of a professional.

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