Troy-Bilt Pressure Washer Won’t Start

If any vital member of the family is sick, are the other members well? It can’t be; the news is upsetting and worrying. The same goes for the Troy Bilt Pressure Washer when it is an essential and busy member of your family. If you see one on a busy morning, your favorite Troy Bilt pressure washer is not starting. Surely you will get very upset and bored with the machine.

However, if the washer machine does not start, if it stays like this for a long time, the pile of dirty clothes will fall in the house. But you can’t repair it unless you have an idea about the structure of this washer. Then what is the solution! When a problem is generated, there is a way to solve it.

Troy-Bilt Pressure Washer Won’t Start: –

You have finally managed time from your busy day and decided to pressure wash the driveway. So, you switched on your favorite Troy Bilt pressure washer. But, what happened to your best friend? It’s not starting!!

Now you need to find out the reason why the Troy Bilt pressure washer machine is not starting. If such a situation arises due to minor problems, you have to take steps to solve it yourself. However, if there is a severe problem or you cannot do the servicing yourself, you should hire a skilled technician as an alternative. Here I will discuss why the pressure washer does not start and some solutions to this problem.

Troy-Bilt Pressure Washer Won't Start

First of all, relax. Being panic won’t solve your problem. There are several reasons your Troy Bilt pressure washer won’t start, ranging from easy fix to easy buy.

Before that, make sure you have checked the washer by turning it on. Now, let’s find the common reasons.

Fuel Starvation:

When you see the engine starts but runs very briefly, then there is not enough fuel. In Troy Bilt’s pressure washer, power comes from the tank to the engine. So, remove the fuel line from the carburetor. If there is enough fuel, that means there is a blockage. The line fuel pocket should be in the proper position. Then remove the line from the bottom of the tank. If the fuel pours out, replace the fuel line. There is a black rubber inside. When the carburetor creates a vacuum, this can collapse.

One more thing that I want to share with you. Be careful when you use gasoline. Remember to use protective gloves and glass. Also, dispose of the waste gas properly and, of course, carefully.

Old Gas:

Pressure washers are not used every day. Maybe formerly a week or threefold a month, and this long period of gaping makes the gas and fuel deteriorate. This wrong fuel can damage the engine that won’t let the pressure washer start. Gasoline is a short living fuel and becomes stale only in two weeks. For this old fuel, the carburetor gets varnished and makes clog. This clog will not let the washer even cough or sputter, and the washer won’t start.

So, drain the fuel line, carburetor, and tank. Refill with fresh fuel. Even if you use the washer every day, do not use the same power for this long. Refilling will also help reduce any contamination and keep the washer healthy for a long time.

Carburetor Service:

Your Troy Bilt pressure washer won’t start because of the clogged carburetor. What happens when the fuel is old enough to leave varnish inside the carburetor? Over time, some ingredients of the energy evaporate and leave a thick sticky substance behind. That results in clog formation, and the washer doesn’t start. Clean the carburetor immediately.

If the fuel is not old and there is no clog in the carburetor, the problem might be internal. In this case, you should replace the part. Or an engine specialist may help you at a lower cost.


Sometimes you may claim that I am using my Troy Bilt pressure washer almost every day, but still, it won’t start. What’s the reason? Well, you might not give it a proper Maintenance.

Didn’t get it? I am explaining, don’t worry. Even if you continually handle your pressure washer, you need to maintain this properly. Pressure washers need checkups periodically. It is advised not to use ethanol gas in small engines like a pressure washer. Besides, check the fuel and clean the fuel tank and carburetor from time to time. Don’t let fuel get older than two weeks. You can also use fuel stabilizers if the manual suggests you. Stabilizers help energy to keep fresh for a long time.

Every washer has a manual with it. Please read the manual carefully and learn to maintain it properly. Different pressure washer needs another type of maintenance.

Easy Difficulties to Get Your Pressure Washer to Start: –

Now you know the reasons why your best washing friend, your Troy Bilt pressure washer, won’t start. Now it is time to have some quick and straightforward fix. And, guess what? You won’t need to be an expert. These are so simple to fix. Just follow me.

Turn your pressure washer off:

Before getting into the primary job, don’t forget to turn the pressure washer switched off. It’s crucial before you start tinkering with any electrical machine. For extra security, also unplug the washer.

Check the gas in the fuel tank:

Now, the most common culprit is old fuel. So, the first task is checking the fuel tank and also check the carburetor. Remove and clean clogs, if there are any.

Replace the gas:

If the gas is older than two weeks, replace the gas in the fuel tank. Follow the manual to be extra sure because you may be doing this for the first time. And every pressure washer has a different style and instructions.

Change the oil in the pump:

Wait here a bit. Grab the manual first. Now see if it is necessary to change the oil in the oil pump in your washer. All the pressure washer is not designed same. So, you might need to know what your washer requires.

Restart the pressure washer:

Now you are almost done. Follow every instruction one by one. And restart your pressure washer. See if the instructions help your pressure washer. If not, keep reading and follow further instructions.

What If Your Pressure Washer Furthermore Won’t Work?

Now you have tried all the way and ready to pressure wash the lawn. But, still, nothing happens. That is pretty frustrating.

Let that, you have checked the fuel, it is fresh, and the carburetor is also acceptable. Then what’s the problem? Don’t give up so early. There are some other possibilities, and you should check those now. Let’s start investigating.

Check the air filter. When it is dirty or damaged, the engine won’t start. Clean or replace with a new one. Also, check the spark plug. It should be appropriately connected. Sometimes, You might break it, and you need to replace it.

All the connections and valves must be in good condition. No damage, leak, or looseness is allowed. Check them, clean them. Replace if needed.

If the ignition coil is defective, buy a new one and replace it. Plus, make sure the engine rocket is switched on.

Now your Troy Bilt should start and work again. But, in case it doesn’t, accept the defeat. Buy a new one. You might be in love with the old washer. Then why don’t you call an expert to help you out? Moreover, fixing is less costly than buying a new one.

What About an Electric Pressure Washer?

Hey, where are you going? I have a solution for your electric pressure washer too. You can not blame the gas here, and you have to condemn any electrical component. So, the first thing first. Check the plug. Is the plug properly connected? If it is, then maybe the plug itself is defective. Try with another plug. Perhaps a new one. Make sure that any other device has no connection to the same plug. Else, other devices can draw away power, and your pressure washer won’t get enough to start.

One more thing to inspect here, if you are using an extension cord, check the manual. And make sure it is the right one for your model. As different models have different instructions and choices.

This trick should help you with the Troy Bilt electric pressure washer won’t start. Otherwise, you have nothing to do. Call an expert.

A Back-Up Plan – Buy New or Rent?

Your Troy Bilt pressure washer is dead now. But I have secrets for you. You still have several options! Buying, renting and seeing an expert. But which option is perfect for you? Is buying worth it? Or it would be best if you rent instead. Read to know further.

If you have one or two projects, let someone else help you.

When you have more works to be done quickly with the pressure washer and don’t want to bother someone else, renting is the best option for you. You may have to spend roughly 80$ per day on renting. Contact a nearby local store to know the cost per day. Moreover, you can look for several stores to see who is renting at a minimal cost.

If you have a lot of work to do with the pressure washer, buying is better than renting. That will reduce your entire cost.

Another way is to see a specialist. If fixing cost is more than buying, then buy a new one.

No matter in what purpose you use the pressure washer. Just maintain it properly. You will not face your Troy Bilt pressure washer that won’t start so early!

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Conclusion: –

I have briefly discussed here why the Troy Bilt pressure washer machine is not starting. You need to understand the matter carefully and take the proper steps. I said at the beginning, don’t panic too much; it won’t solve the problem. Instead, study the fuel system of the washer machine, carburetor technology, and other issues. That will allow you to take the proper steps. If your Troy Bilt pressure washer doesn’t start, call a skilled technician right away.

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