What Size Socket For John Deere Mower Blades?

Science and modern advancement have blessed us with plenty of instruments that have made our lives more accessible than before. Similar to the other creative inventions, mower blade in one. 

We usually use this blade to cut the lawn we collect from our agricultural activities. About the answer of What Size Socket For John Deere Mower Blades?, I would suggest the ideal socket size of John Deere Mower Blades.

The basic socket size for John Deere utility tractors is 24 MM, or you can say 15/16 inches. Different models state distinctive sizes. Let me explain how it is non-identical.

The design 54 D deck requires another dimension that is utterly dissimilar. Like, the 1025 R model has a socket size of 24 MM. And, that is 18 MM. Again, the model 60 D has the same socket size as 54 D, that is, 18 MM. Some other models require 15 MM too. However, you must disclose the model of your utility tractor to purchase the right type of your blade. 

Time To Know What Size Socket For John Deere Mower Blades

Whether you are using a tractor from the well-known brand John Deere or any other local, You must know the right way to utilize the mower blade. You will find the using process step by step over here. 

First, purchase a utility tractor that fits perfectly according to your desire. If the tractor is from John Deere, you will undoubtedly perceive an authentic blade. However, all you need to do is fix the tractor by reading the user manual. 

What Size Socket For John Deere Mower Blades?

After that, put the blades on the slot and tighten the socket by the nut. Since the edges will be doing heavy, it requires a robustly tightening step. Otherwise, it can crash during your work or fall off anytime. 

Sometimes, the seller installs the mower blades. It would be best if you did it when you felt the bluntness of the mower blades.

How To Change The Mower Blade?

When you observe the bluntness in your blade or the output is severely lessening day by day, it is the golden time for you to change the mower blade. Just follow the easy steps to change the mower blade of your tractor. 

Firstly, observe the entire tractor exquisitely. You will end with the sign of a plug. And that plug is called the spark plug. The reason behind the removal of the plug is safety. 

There will be no power generation in the tractor by booting the plug off. Many reports say that plenty of people cut their fingers off or get hurt by the accidental start of an engine. 

Now, after the removal of the plug, there is no chance to start the engine until you plug in the plug. Hence, you must double-check prior to the next step. 

The next step is flipping the machine. You have to notice where the air filter and carburettor are before that. If you flip the device in the wrong way, meaning the air filter and the carburettor are facing down, you will create a mess. 

All the engines will spill out through the carburettor and air filter. So, you have to flip it correctly. The correct way to reverse the engine is by making the face of the air filter and carburettor up. But the best way to flip the engine is to lift from one side.

Now, using the hardware, unlock the nut from the socket by a wrench and remove the old blade. You must be intensely careful during this process. It is best to use anti-cutting or lather gloves during this step since you must be touching or holding the blade. 

Generally, the turn is on the right or counterclockwise to loosen the nut. You can also rotate the nuts without having the blade. In that case, you can place firewood in the blade rotating chamber and afterwards turn the wrench.

After removing the blades, wash the slot where the edge existed. A great way to clean the inner surface is using a brush to remove the soil and other particles. 

Afterwards, you can use a damped piece of cloth to wash it. You can also use grease on the point of attaching the blade.

Now, unpack the new blades and determine which side is for cutting. It will be hilarious if you see that you installed the wrong side of the blade. Then you have to uninstall the whole edge and install it again correctly. 

So, being careful about the right side will be beneficial to save both your time and effort.

Then attach the blade with the screw and start rotating the nut. Remember, it should be as tight as possible. Otherwise, it can cause you a disaster. In general, the tightening rotation is on the left or clockwise. 

Yet, your model may vary, so check the user manual before you start doing it. Your tractor is ready to cut the lawn again with new mower blades. 


1.Are John Deere mower blades interchangeable?

Answer: Of course, it is changeable. But, firstly, you need to ensure the socket size and other steps. Without following the proper steps, the result can be worse than you would believe. 

2.Are John Deere mower blades good?

Answer: John Deere is immensely popular and an excellent brand for introducing such unique tools. It uses high carbon steel to produce the blades. On the contrary, many brands are using low carbon steel. Therefore, John Deere is a blindfold buy for people who desire sharp cutting and a long blades’ lifespan.

3.Are thicker mower blades better?

Answer: Thinner blades are easier to be blunt than thicker ones. Moreover, thinner mower blades do not allow sharpening, whereas thicker does. Hence, it is better to choose the thicker one though it is more pricey than the thinner one.

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Changing the blades is an undemanding task, yet if you find it difficult, you may certainly ask for help from someone who already did it. 

Moreover, one strong suggestion is that you must purchase the blades that various brands offer. You can also go for the John Deere mower blades. But don’t use local cutters. 

The performance may not be as you desired; meanwhile, there is a significant chance of not matching the socket. Hope you are all clear regarding what size socket for John Deere Mower Blades.

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