Whirlpool Washer E1F9 Door Locked Light Flashing

Is your whirlpool washer elf9 door locked light flashing? Now, this question must be shooting like an arrow in your mind. Why is my washer showing this code? 

Well, if the washer is showing the code, then it means there is a problem in your washer drain system, which is why all the activities shut down, including the lock. You can do a few things to fix it without any professional help. 

Reset the washer and wait for a few minutes; if it’s still the same, your drain has a problem. For that, you need to check your drain hose to see if it is clogged or not; if so, then you can get it cleaned. 

To know more things in detail, stay with us.

Guideline About Whirlpool Washer E1F9 Door Locked Light Flashing

Below here we will discuss on it: 


I know the first reaction to any problem for us humans is panicking or driving our minds to overthink. 

The error code can sometimes appear due to some issues in the control board it is connected to, so without further delay, switch off or unplug the washer from its power outlet. 

Then wait for five to ten minutes. Then switch it on again and see if it is ok or not.

Whirlpool Washer E1F9 Door Locked Light Flashing

Drain Hose

As the main culprit for all this crime is the drain system, why not check it out if it is clogged or not and the solution for it. You need to follow a few steps.

  • First, you need to disconnect the washer from its power outlet and turn off the washer supply of the washer.
  • It would be best if you disconnected the drain hose from the washer, and you might need pliers to remove the clams that are securing the drain hose in the case of different models.
  • Once the drain hose is disconnected from unblocking, you can use a drain snake tool or wash it out with a mixture of warm water, white vinegar, and baking soda.
  • If you find the drain hose is damaged or has holes in a particular place, get it fixed if the damage is not too much, but the best option is to replace it.


If the problem is not found with the drain hose, the next thing is to check and clean the filter. And usually, the washer filter can be filled with trash and some objects before they reach the pump, which can get clogged. 

If your washer has a removal filter, open the front panel, gently turn it, and remove it from the channel.

If it is clogged, then you must wash it off. But before doing so, use a rag or basin to collect the remaining water inside it. Use soap and water to clean and dry it properly before putting it back.

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Pipe Blockage

The location of the pipe is at the extreme point of the washer. So unusual objects can enter the line and block the exit of water towards the sewerage, which can cause the E1F9 code error. 

To clean the pipe, you can use any tools that suit the diameter of the line. 

To make both of them work, you need to tilt the unit back and lower the hose below the drum. This way, the liquid will come out. 

Once the liquid comes out, clean the inside of the pipe by removing the dirt, then connect the sewer hose and turn on the unit. Lastly, check if the error code reappears or not.

Drain Pump

If the pump is clogged or defective, it will not allow the Whirlpool washer water to drain correctly. The way to understand if it is obstructed or not is if you hear any low rattling sound or any specific buzz when the pump is working.

A problem like this can occur if the pump is clogged with small objects or clothing through the filter.  But sometimes, being clogged is not the problem. 

It can have a loose connection or electrical problem, which can be detected by using the multimeter that tests the pump’s continuation. If it shows negativity, then get it replaced.

Wiring System 

If the wiring system is damaged, it can send the error code. Pressure switch plays a vital role. Check if it has any loose connection or not. 

And if you find any, you can use the multimeter to check, but make sure that the air hose is attached. 

Another thing to check is the control board of the washer. To check that, you might need to hire a technician, but if you are not keen to spend money. 

And you need to make sure that none of the connections on the control board are loose, burned, or damaged.


The code error problem can appear due to the foams left inside the washer for a long time. It can form a blockage that will restrict the drainage system. 

To get rid of it, try to use less detergent and the HE (high efficiency) detergent to get rid of the building foam.

Opening the Lock

To open the washer’s lock, you need to open the top panel and then inside the washer, go to the right-hand side of the door and pull down the manual latch release to unlock the door.

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What will happen if my whirlpool washer doors get locked?

It is a panicking situation if said honestly. But by following a few steps, you can manage to open the door. First, you need to wait for the cycle inside the washer to end. 

The reason for waiting is the washer needs a few minutes to send the signal to open the door after the motor stops working. So if the door doesn’t open after that, then hold the control lock button for about 3 seconds, and after that, you will be able to hear the sound of unlatching the door.

How to reset my whirlpool washer?

As we have seen before going for any more significant steps, the easiest way to solve the problem regarding the washer is to reset it immediately, as it is has proven to be efficient many times. 

The steps are straightforward, nothing complicated. All you need to do is turn off the washer first for safety reasons. 

Turn the mode dial to normal, and lastly can be a little complicated to follow but bare it a little. Turn the dial counterclockwise for the first click left, then clockwise click it three times, again counterclockwise click one time and clockwise one time.


Hopefully, your problem with the whirlpool washer door locked light flashing is solved. Make sure to follow the steps we have recommended to you. Then you won’t have a problem fixing it.

Besides, if any of the items listed need replacement, get it done and don’t try to apply the work that needs technical help, like checking the continuity with a multimeter.

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