Why Do Powerhorse Pressure Washers Won’t Start?

Powerhorse pressure washer is one of the most prominent brands in the pressure washer industry. Though professional users have recommended it, it doesn’t guarantee you a lifetime of service. This also faces different kinds of ups and downs during its work.

One of the common issues that people face after not using it for a long time is the powerhorse pressure washer won’t start. Over the time following many reviews, we have seen several reasons why a powerhorse pressure washer won’t start. This can result from a defect in the pump, in the motor, or the fuel you are using.

Sometimes it is easier to repair the starting of a power horse pressure washer at home. But sometimes, if the defect is more technical, you will need to seek the help of a mechanic. Doing so will require you to identify which kind of problems your power washer is having. 

Why Do Powerhorse Pressure Washers Won’t Start?

How To Start A Powerhorse Pressure Washer?

Powerhorse pressure washers have different models available in the market. It comes in a box where the engine motor is already set up, but you need to set up the body. 

You will need to attach the wheels, the pusher, and the water wand. To set this is very easy to do. After doing this, you need to start the powerhorse pressure washer by the following steps:

Step 1: On the left and the right side of the engine, you will see two yellow caped portals. Using either of them, you will have to pour lubricant oil into the motor. 

This helps to run the motor efficiently. Use a funnel to pour the lubricant oil into the motor easily. Make sure not to overflow the oil.

Step 2: Now, reattach the yellow cap tightly so as not to lose any lubricant oil. 

Step 3: On the top of the motor, you will find a black cap leading to the gasoline line. Open the lid, and pour the required gasoline-like octane, petrol, diesel, etc.

Step 4: Cap up the gasoline tank and tightly connect the water supply hose to the given port. 

Step 5: You will find a fuel arm, an oxygen supply adjuster, and a choke on the front side. Adjust them accordingly.

Step 6: Press the switch on button.

In this way, you got yourself a running gasoline pressure washer. On the other hand, if you have an electric pressure washer, all you need is to plug in the socket and turn on the switch.

Why Won’t Powerhorse Pressure Washer Start?

Even though a powerhorse pressure washer is top-notch in performance, it might not work due to an internal fault sometimes. It has been seen that people face difficulties in starting the pressure washer.  

There can be a lot of reasons why you might feel difficulty in starting a powerhorse pressure washer. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • The lubricant oil might have burnt out.
  • The choke might have faulty wiring.
  • Faulty spark plug.
  • Interrupted fuel flowing in the carburetor from the gas tank.
  • Clogged up air filter.
  • Too much air supply.

Some of these are some fundamental issues that can cause problems in starting up the motor of your pressure washer. 

Sometimes there might be a severe defect in your motor or the water pump, which will not allow the pressure washer to work, let alone start it. In that case, a mechanic can help you, or you can replace your pressure washer. 

Fixing A Powerhorse Pressure WasherThat Won’t Start

If there are some minor problems and you have an overall good experience using the device, you can fix your powerhorse pressure washer. If your powerhorse washer is not starting up, some fundamental fixing tips & techniques mentioned here can help. 

Faulty Power Source

  • Electric powerhorse pressure washer: Electricity is the primary source of electric power horse pressure washer to run the pump. 

If you are having an issue with starting the machine due to a faulty power source, take a look at the cord and the socket. Maybe the socket has loosened up, or the cord has some faulty wiring. In this case, change the socket or the cord. 

  • Gasoline powerhorse pressure washer: If you are using a gasoline powerhorse pressure washer, make sure you have a sufficient amount of gasoline in the tank. 

You need to remember that all pressure washers don’t use the same type of fuel. Having the correct type of fuel in the tank is also essential. Read the manual carefully to know which kind of fuel you will need to put in your machine. 

Putting Lubricant Oil

The absence of lubricant oil can hinder starting the pump. If necessary, put lubricant oil.

Clogged Up Carburetor

If the pressure washer has been sitting out for a long time, the carburetor might get Locked Up with dirt and residuals. 

In that case, you can clean the carburetor by taking it out from the pump. Clean it with a piece of cloth and oil. Once you clean the clog out, the starting of the washer will be smooth.

Faulty Spark Plug

Sometimes the spark plug in the motor decays due to corrosion. In that case, the motor doesn’t start. It misses the spark. 

A wire in the spark plug will need to be changed to get a smooth starting. It is a small wire, and you can change it easily at home.

Clogged Up Air Filter

It is not unknown to anyone that you will need a proper amount of airflow to get your washer’s motor started. 

But sometimes, due to dirt and build-ups, the actual situation might hinder. A simple clean-up with the help of a cloth and the stick can rebuild the airflow.

Excess Airflow

If the air pipe has broken, it might cause excessive airflow. In this case, the spark will be blown up. Changing the air pipe can restore the proper amount of airflow in the motor. 

Taking Care Of Powerhorse Pressure Washer

Powerhorse pressure washers are excellent quality pressure washers. To take care of them, all you need to do is clean them from time to time. Even if you are not using it, give it a start from time to time. 

Don’t forget to start the motor in the presence of water. Starting the motor in the absence of water can damage the motor. In that case, you will need to replace it with a new motor so be careful about it.

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Final Words

Powerhorse pressure washer won’t start is one of the most common complaints we hear after the pressure washer has been sitting idle for a while. Though it might be the result of motor damage, it’s the fundamental issues like clogging up or wire decay most of the time. These basic issues can quickly be resolved at home. All you need is a good hand at identifying the real problem.

If you think you cannot identify the problem, take it to the nearest mechanic, and they will resolve it for you in no time. Be safe while using an electric power pressure washer if it is sitting idle for a long time. Don’t forget to check the cord and electric supply before starting the motor.

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