Why Won’t My Kenmore Washer Won’t Start? : Troubleshoot It!

Kenmore washers are one of the most popular appliances in the United States. They have been known as a reliable company for years in the washer market. 

However, some common issues with Kenmore washers can cause them not to work correctly. The widespread issue people complain about is Kenmore washer won’t start. This problem can happen because of some slight dysfunction on the machine. If you notice a starting issue with your Kenmore washer not starting, there are a few things that you can do to troubleshoot this starting issue.

Try to maintain the Kenmore washer well to avoid such issues. Know a bit more about Kenmore washers to get smooth performance. 

Why My Kenmore washer Won’t Start? 

Many people experience a Kenmore washer not starting. This thing can happen because of a few reasons, such as the electrical outlet being knocked out, the motor overheating, or simply losing power. In order to troubleshoot and solve the issue, it is important to know what may have caused it in the first place. 

Why Won't My Kenmore Washer Won't Start

Loose Electrical connection:

First and foremost, if the machine is not receiving power from the outlet, it will not start. Ensure all the electrical connections are secure and tight. If one is loose, the machine may not be able to turn on. Suppose the machine is plugged into an electrical outlet, but the breaker isn’t tripping. In that case, the machine may still not start because something else in the circuit is overloaded.

Clogged Filters/ tub:

Check if anything is blocking the water flow. Check to see if there’s anything blocking the water drain or if there are clogged filters. If there’s a blockage, you’ll have to repeatedly turn the machine on and off until the water drains. If the tub is clogged, Kenmore washer won’t spin. You’ll have to unplug the machine and remove the dirt from the tub. 

Faulty Motor: 

The motor could be fried. If the motor doesn’t spin and there’s no sound, it could be fried. Check the cord connection to make sure that it’s plugged in firmly. However, if the motor is broken, you’ll need to replace it with a new one. 

Worn-out brushes:

The brushes could be worn out. If the brushes don’t spin, they could be worn out. Check the old brushes and replace them if they’re worn out. 

How to check the Kenmore washer?

There is a great solution if your Kenmore washer doesn’t start. The machine might need a new motor or need to be emptied and cleaned. In either case, checking the machine’s manual is the first step in solving the problem. 

If you can’t find the manual, contact a local service company to see if they can help. The next step is to unplug the washer and turn it off. 

Next, remove the back panel. Pull out the tub and check to see if it’s full of water. If there’s a lot of water, turn off the electricity to the machine and call an electrician. 

Troubleshoot Kenmore washer: 

Kenmore washer won’t start. Troubleshooting tips follow. If you are having trouble starting your Kenmore washer, here are some troubleshooting steps you can take:

1. Check to see if the power is on and connected to the water supply.

2. Try turning off all the appliances in the house and then turn on the washer one at a time, checking to see if it starts. If it does not start, there may be a problem with one of those appliances.

3. Start checking if there is water in the dishwasher’s reservoir, and try running a cycle without any dishes to see if that helps. If not, check for clogged filters or drainage issues near the dishwasher itself. If you have light bulbs that go out, check to see if you have a loose bulb or burned-out bulb.

Call a professional if you can not get the washer to start (even with a full reservoir), and it has been shut off for more than two hours.

Here are some tips to get your Kenmore washer started: 

1. Check for water leaks – One potential cause of an empty washer is a leaky faucet or hose. If you can’t identify the source of the problem, turn off all unnecessary water supply to the house and try starting the washer again. 

2. Clear out lint build-up – If there’s too much lint in the machine’s filter, it can block water flow and cause an empty wash cycle. Remove excess lint using a vacuum cleaner, damp cloth, or your hands. 

3. Check the drain hose – Newer front-loading washers have a special drain hose that connects to a separate fixture. If your machine has this feature, you can search if there are any leaks or not.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What does the start switch do on a Kenmore washer?

Answer: The start switch is located on the front of the washer near the top and can sometimes become jammed. If this is the case, try gently pulling on the switch to free it and then try to start the washer. If the switch of the Kenmore washer is still stuck, try searching for the obstructions in the way of the switch. Then, try removing and replacing the start button on the control panel.

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Question: What if the thermal fuse on a Kenmore washer blows?

Answer: The thermal fuse is a safety device that melts if the washing machine’s water temperature rises too high. If the fuse blows, the washing machine will stop working. In most cases, the fuse will blow when the water gets too hot and begins to burn parts of the device.

Wrap up: 

If your Kenmore washer isn’t starting, there could be a few reasons for this. The most common thing behind this issue would be the motor has burned out or gone wrong. The faulty motor can easily affect the washer’s performance. If your Kenmore washer still is not starting, try checking other common issues. Be sure to check the power supply, the fuse, and the water valve. If you have checked all of these and your washer will not start, it is time to call for service.

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