F21 Error Code Kenmore Washer: The Meaning & Its Solution

You just got your Kenmore Washer Machine a couple of months ago, and it worked flawlessly till yesterday. But when you turn on your washer this morning, it shows f21 error code Kenmore washer. Though your washer machine is On, nothing happens. 

It makes you go nuts, and you don’t know what the F21 means. Well, F21 means your washer fails to drain. If the drain filter gets clogged, the washer can’t drain water. Therefore, a defective drain pump can be the culprit behind this washer issue. 

Fortunately, we compile this Kenmore washer troubleshooting guide just for you to clear the F21 error codes. Plus, we also describe other error codes you may go through in the future and break down those to solve the problems. So, keep scrolling to learn about the Kenmore washer error codes. 

F21 Error Code Kenmore Washer

What Does Mean F21 Error Code On Kenmore?

F21 displayed on your Kenmore washer means there is a long drain problem. If the water draining time crosses the 8-minute limitation, you can see the F21 on the display of your washer. It indicates the drain line or pump gets clogged by dirt, debris, or something. Therefore, a clogged pump hose is also responsible for this washer issue. 

How To Fix F21 Error Code Kenmore?

Follow the below troubleshooting guide to clean the Kenmore washer error code.

Reset Your Washer Machine

Resetting your washer machine is a quick fix if the washer displays the F21 error codes. First off, ensure you turn off the unit. Then, unplug the washer from the electric outlet. Leave the washer machine for 30 minutes. Next, plug your Kenmore washer again into an electric outlet. Now, turn on your washer, and you find there is no error code displayed on the control panel. 

Remove the Drain Plug From the Filter

If resetting the washer machine gets no luck for you, inspect the drain hose for a clog. Also, don’t forget to inspect every connection and ensure the pump functions properly. Check the filter of the washer machine to see whether there is any foreign object or not. If you don’t know how to remove the Kenmore washer filter, follow the below steps. 

  • Pull out the lower front panel first.
  • Unscrew the three Torx screws and remove the bottom front access.
  • Carefully lift the panel and pull the pump a little bit toward you.
  • Twist the filter cover counter-clockwise by your hand and pull out the cover. Before that, make sure you place a towel or a pan to collect the water coming out from the filter. 

Replace the Pump Motor

After clearing out the filter by removing water or dirt, the washer should function properly. But if it doesn’t clear the error code, we bet the pump motor of your washer machine gets defective. So, replace it with a new one. In this case, you can hire a professional to do this task for you if you are not mechanically inclined. 

Other Kenmore Washer Error Codes

Apart from those, you can also encounter other Kenmore washer issues in the future. So, continue to read to learn about those error codes & fix those washer problems. 

E21 Error Code Kenmore Washer

If you own the Kenmore Elite Front Loader Washer, you may see the E21 error message. It means the drain pump filter gets clogged by dirt, debris, or other foreign objects. 

To solve this issue, you should remove the blockage from the pump filter. Just take off the plate in front of the machine. Then, twist the white screw to remove the filter. Ensure you place a pan underneath it to collect the water. 


If Kenmore shows the error code F01, the EEPROM on the main electronic control board gets defective. However, reset the washer by unplugging it from the outlet for five minutes. Then, plug it in again to check whether the error code is gone or not. If not, you should change the main electronic control board. 

F11 Error Code

Kenmore washer machines will display the F11 error code if the wire harness connections get loose. Your washer also shows this error message when the motor control board gets faulty. 

To solve the washer problems, tighten up the loose wire connection between the motor control board and the main electronic control board. If there is no issue with the wired connection, it’s time to change the motor control board. 

F22 Error Code

When your washer machine fails to fill the water, it will show the error code F22. If the water supply faucets are closed, the washer won’t fill the water.  So, ensure the faucets behind the washer are fully open. 

Therefore, don’t forget to inspect the water fill lines for kinks or a frosted fill line. Check out the inlet valves as well. If they remain closed when you activate the washer, change the water inlet valve assembly. 

F27 Kenmore washer Error Code

The error code F27 on the Kenmore washer means the overflow issue. Disconnect your washer from the outlet to see water continues to fill the tub if the washer is overfilled. You should turn off the unit and change the water inlet valve if the washer fills with water when unplugging the unit. Otherwise, you should replace the water level pressure switch if the washer is empty. 


How do I know if my washing machine drain pump is bad?

First, remove the drain pump from the washer and try to spin the pump pulley with your hand. If the pump pulley doesn’t rotate or spin freely, understand the drain pump gets defective. In this case, you should change the drain pump. 

How much does it cost to replace a drain pump on a washing machine?

You should spend $300 to $400 to replace a drain pump on a washing machine. 

Why is my Kenmore washing machine not draining?

Your Kenmore washing machine is not draining if the drain pump gets defective. Therefore, the washing machine will not drain water if the drain hose gets clogged by dirt & debris. 

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Kenmore Washer Machine will show the error code F21 when it exceeds the 8-minute drain time. A clogged washer path is the main culprit behind this issue. To solve the drain problem, just remove the blockage from the washer drain path. 

Fortunately, we mentioned above how to clear the blockage from the filter and drain out water. Lastly, you must change the drain pump if clearing the clogged fails to fix the issue. 

We recommend you call the Kenmore washer support team if any of the troubleshooting steps we mentioned fail. 

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  1. I had run a single 3×5 floor carpet through that created the F21 error. 2nd attempt with normal clothes also F21.No carpet fibers but the grit from the carpet bottom. After clearing of the error code I had substantial amount of water in the drum. So I ran a rinse drain and spin cycle only with water only in the drum.
    Got lucky my clog was minor, and the pressure was enough to clear it. The issue was now resolved. Thank You for this page. Put me on the right track.

    1. “Thank you for sharing your experience with the F21 error and how you were able to resolve it. I’m glad that my blog post helped put you on the right track and that you were able to clear the clog and get your machine working again. It’s great to hear that the issue turned out to be minor and that you didn’t need to call in a repair service. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my post!”

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